Fermoy Welcomes

Derek Blighe mingles with the peoples and menace media.

I assume his “past” can be clarified, was it his humble beginnings as #FacistScum?

If not, then what?

I couldn’t find anything from the Crown intel service briefing here that stood out archive.ph

wonder if this plays out like I suspect it will, only a few months back a non-national attacked a schoolgirl in the town during her lunch break, off his box. Im curious to talk to a few people I know in the town, other regional towns in Cork are sick to death of the influx but again god forbid you say anything…

When are the welcoming committee arriving en masse to The People’s Front of East Wall?

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You can thank the pro-regime-fermoy-protest for “amplifying” that story.

Dt Sgt Holland said that he feared that the man posed as a flight risk and would flee the country if he received bail in the case. The court heard that the man moved to Ireland in recent years and has returned home several times on holidays.

Man charged with alleged rape of woman who was found partially naked and hypothermic in grounds of derelict house in Cork - Irish Mirror Online

its unfortunate this is being let happen but it may be needed to wake people up to the dangers, the rent a dope crowd in fermoy yesterday are made look like complet fools now.

I wonder what Simon C thinks when he reads the like of this.

A man was arrested for questioning and subsequently detained at Fermoy Garda Station. Forensic Science Ireland established that a swab taken from the man was a DNA match for semen found on a vaginal swab taken from the injured party.

Do you seriously think he cares one bit about the serfs?

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RTE omitting the salient fact that the man charged was a recently arrived foreign national who was denied bail due to being a “flight risk.”

This will 100% put a hard limit on
A) Household formation and thus future birth rates
B) Increase emigration of Irish
C) Increase overcrowding
D) Increase the tax burden
E) Increase risk of default
F) Put a hard limit of the numbers of Irish LEGAL emigrants who would otherwise return

Either we are never getting these hotels and commercial sites back or these people are getting their own accommodation from council house waiting lists from our taxes.

Its likely we are never getting the places back AND they’ll be used as a continuous revolving door to own door accommodation.

I certainly see nothing on the horizon to put a stop to this except a very hard global recession that basically bankrupts the country.

Fermoy in February



She said: “He admitted his manner of driving was reckless, his speed was excessive, the manner of his driving was dangerous, and he was not insured to drive at the time.

“He further admitted consuming a quantity of alcohol.”

Had a previous criminal record too :+1:

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