Ferndale, Avoca Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Great location on the best road in Blackrock.
Pity about the 1950’s style bungalow. There’s a huge garden in the back with loads of space. Keeping up a garden like this will be a huge chore. Its kind of a forest at the back. It’s a shame you can’t build more than one house on the site - there’s a really good route out the back onto Hyde Park Avenue, across the drive of a semi which is worth a hell of a lot less than Ferndale.


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1932241

There is an offer on but they are going to wait for auction next week. Based on the fact that a bungalow with no land around the corner went for 830 at auction Id be surprised if it doesn’t get at least the asking.


Sold at auction I guess. Anyone know the price?

995,000. Meanwhile a terraced house in Drumcondra sells for 93k. A tale of two cities…

independent.ie/national-news … 52651.html

Actually that was 245,000 over the asking…

5 bidders at an auction can create a bit of an oul frenzy I guess. Also the site was massive so wouldn’t be surprised if more than one house appears on this down the road.

A nearby property at 40 Mount Merrion Avenue sold after auction for an undisclosed price. The auctioneers, Lisney, had been guiding €950,000 prior to the auction for the period-style semi with large garden to the rear and driveway to the front. While it failed to attract a bid at auction, it was sold afterwards.

Similar size land and a far more significant house. Bit strange.

There is strong demand now for premium properties in Dublin.

More and more people coming off the fence.

5 bidders willing to spend €750k + at auction.

It becoming more difficult for people waiting to buy to believe that property prices are going to continue to fall.

Well as Cheeky points out a house selling for 93k across the river and there weren’t 5 bidders queuing up to out bid each other infact sold below the guide by 7%. There is definitely something in the water in this particular part of SCD that’s for sure.

You could look at it another way which is 1/2 acre of land on a road where houses rarely come up for sale. 950k paid. Then build mega pad for about the same designed to your own spec - modern living etc. Have infinitely better house that this overpriced pile of crap with no real garden on a quite busy road irishtimes.com/newspaper/property/2012/0614/1224317869239.html

To those with the money that represents value I guess. It’s a very small part of the market though.