Fernlea barn hill road dalkey

Can’t get my head around the asking price on this one 745,000. Did a check on PPR and on this road average price seems to be coming in at around 400,000. Think EA are fighting for sales so will give high value to get their name outside. It will be interesting to watch this one and what it goes for! I feel for the sellers being led up the garden path by EA at the moment

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2333275

Another one from the Sherry Fitz Monday Memo for branch managers to lash on some unrealistic asking prices?

also here:

It’s a nice house with good front and rear gardens, however it has a few drawbacks. The house appears to require modernisation throughout, albeit probably mostly cosmetic - new kitchen, new bannisters, new wardrobes, de-walpapering (unless you like what they have now), presumably all new carpets, new hall floor (tiny parquet planks are very old fashioned, new wider and lighter parquet would be a lot better). On top of that, the windows are presumably single glazed as theres no mention of them - meaning they have to be replaced. The house has an E2 BER, which is awful and it will be forever uncomfortable unless significant improvements can be made. The layout is fine, other than the major problem of having no bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Barnhill rd is a long road with a huge variety of houses on it so no point in looking at house average for this street.

Best one to compare it to is San Michele which went for 875 in 2010. This one is a few doors up from that and a similar house type.

This is decent sized family home in Dalkey with a large south facing back yard - the main drawback is the main road but its not the worst road and the house is back a bit. It needs renovation but you could move in as is. Personally I was a different kind of surprised when I saw this price - I can see it going for above this based on current stock shortage.