FF Senator calls for Kenny statement on NAMA corruption

Fianna Fáil Senator calls for Kenny statement on NAMA corruption claims - → rte.ie/news/2013/1216/493239-senator-nama/

Anything to get the focus off CRC :angry:

I’m intrigued at this.

rte.ie/news/business/2013/12 … r-ff-nama/

This bit really annoys me. Probably some local gombeen in his constituency with 6 spar shops and lots of deep underwater development land tried to refinance at a much reduced loan principal and NAMA told him to f**k off.

Viable businesses don’t get shut down. If they’re viable they re-emerge.

I think the complaint already in progress is in the public domain? It’s the fellow who bought the house on the banks of the Liffey, no?

As to your second point… I reckon you have it in one.

I’d be guessing its something new. We’ll see. Or rather we probably won’t.

The cheek of Zanu FF bagging the agency that they set up in the first place.

Or “Pot calls for kettle to issue statement on blackness.”

They may re emerge, but there have been allegations against Ulster Bank of foreclosing unnecessarily. These things are all in the eye of the beholder, but it’s not a unique criticism. Of course Nama is so protected by this Gvt and the last that it’s impossible to really know what goes on there.,