FF vs FG & Labour for crisis management

Between our current FF government and a FG & Labour coalition, who do you think would be best suited to see us through this crisis ?

Please please please dont make this a slagging match for and against various parties.*
Instead try and back up your opinions based upon the manner in which the different parties have reacted to the current situation.

*If you cannot hold back just go to www.politics.ie


There isn’t a politician out there I can see who understands even basic economics. Richard Bruton probably the closest, Joan Burton hasn’t a clue so depends on who is Finance minister under that arrangement. Lenihan looks the part but hasn’t been tested, the fact that they had 6 months warning and still had to introduce a last minute stroke doesn’t fill me with confidence. Cowen and his FF pals led us into this mess.

I think that Joan Burton has been doing a decent job - as far as I recall, she was calling for an increase in the Government guarantee of deposits from 20K long before the Government (or Joe Duffy) noticed it was a problem.

I’ve been particularly impressed with Mary Coughlan.

None of this would have happened if we’d stuck with Bertie.

Is it the wellies? Or the way her mouth hangs open when she’s not speaking?

Um, I think I’d prefer FG/Labour although I would split the finance portfolio between Richard Bruton and Ruari Quinn. That would mean the Teeshop wouldn’t have to say anything about it as there would be someone available 24 hours a day who had the faintest idea what they were talking about.

How is she doing a decent jobs, she is barely literate when it comes to economics. Recall all her blog posts on the ECB rate rises in 06/07.

Labour was the only party to demand some answers from the Government and the only party to vote against the all-out Government guarantee;

"Mr Gilmore said he posed a number of questions to the Department of Finance:

What is the full extent of the exposure of the Irish taxpayer?
What will the banks pay for this cover?
Will the Government be recompensed by any bank that has to avail of it?
Will the system of super-high salaries and bonuses continue in the banks, even though the state is covering their risks?
How will the Government control and regulate new risks being taken on by the bank after today, since it has given a guarantee for two years?
Will the banks continue to pay out dividends to shareholders?
What will the impact be on the cost of borrowing by the Irish Government, with further knock-on consequences for the Irish taxpayer?
“We did not get satisfactory answers to those questions on Tuesday. We did not get them during the Dáil debate,” Mr Gilmore added. “And we still have not got them, even with the legislation now passed.”

The Labour leader said the party was not opposed to the action being taken to rescue the banking system.

“Now that the guarantee has been given, I hope it works. However, the Labour Party has a number of fundamental concerns about the manner in which this guarantee is being put in place."


In fairness to Labour (and I’d never vote for them), Gilmore was one of the few asking good questions. He’s obviously getting decent advice. Burton is clueless, as daveirl says look at her reasoning behind calls for ECB rate cuts last year.

They’re both in the same party! :unamused: Surely it’d make sense to double Gilmore’s class size to 2?

Who said they weren’t from the same party. All we were making the point was that Burton doesn’t have a clue about economics given her interest rate opinions.

Nobody was saying that. What I was saying is that whoever is advising Gilmore could be and should be advising Burton at the same time?

Im available for dictatorships.