FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


I heard from D/PER that despite all of the fanfare around abolishing quangos, only €20m is being saved.

This is because even though some bodies are being merged/abolished, there will be no job losses and in most cases staff will stay on in their old building.

So only tiny savings will be made, such as on Corporate Governance efficiencies, like only one Board being needed.


More like “which quango is picking up the tab today?”


Quangos can relax as Bord Snip report gathers dust -> independent.ie/business/quan … 09702.html


Cheers to the link.

In fairness to the Bord Snip Nua report, this was a medium to long term strategic document, giving Gov ideas of what could be cut. Many were never gonna happen in the real world.

I do think the report’s findings were taken on board and considered in the list Gov compiled back in Nov 2011. Progress on this was updated in Sep 2012. See page one of thread for latest on those.


Updated the top list for a new quango:

The office of Regulator of the National Lottery

Bill is here. See pg 9
oireachtas.ie/documents/bill … 11712d.pdf


Coalition divides up blood board positions - Paul Cullen -> irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 08901.html


plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


not surprising at all. most of it never gets reported tbh


Reilly selected only one of 40 applicants for board of State health watchdog -> irishtimes.com/newspaper/fro … 31719.html


Cork mayors seek meeting with Phil Hogan over proposal to abolish town councils



This seems to be growing legs
irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing25.html


The Mayor of Midleton (yes - it has a Mayor) was on Moaning Ireland this morning quoting EU subsidiarity principles in defence of his continued existence.

They have a budget for a legal challenge apparently.

The sad irony of this is lost on these slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging boggers. The only budget they have is money raised by rates and other charges. It is not their budget. It is money diverted from other sources. So they take money from a captive set of rate payers and use that money to justify their high rates to enable them attend junkets in far away sunny location on land rezoning and bribe-taking.

This is just like a company diverting money to buy its own shares to prop up its share price.

Who rezoned all the inappropriate land and granted planning permission for inappropriate developments that played such an important part in fueling the boom?


But that could never happen, right? :angry:


12 of them - should fit nicely into minibus for the trip to Dublin.


Of course it should never happen and if it does it should be punished. Just like these fuckers diverting money allocated for other purposes to maintain their own existence should be prosecuted for theft.


I couldn’t agree more.


Ha. two possibilities:

  1. Most likely, they all drive separately to Dublin, claiming full mileage and overnight rate.
  2. Premium class Irish Rail tickets each


You need to go on the “How do I maximise my expenses while minimising my costs?” course.

Pffft, drive separately, they would take the minimum number of vehicles possible and then claim for travelling separately, get with the program man :sick:


Nah, hire a minibus and then claim for the rail tickets bought on the day… (i.e. not savers).


I may need to go on the refresher course myself :smiley: