FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


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The fact that there are “Cork mayors” as opposed to one Cork mayor itself demonstrates why abolition is needed.


This lad didn’t even go but still claimed the overnight expenses!
irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing46.html

But don’t worry. He’s still in the job!


I suppose it was something that he as prosecuted. The good people of Macroom can decide at the next election if they want a convicted fraudster representing them. It’s interesting that he resigned from FF rather than been slung out of the party.

Any word on the Ivor Callelly case I wonder? Ah, I didn’t think so.


It’s now 6 months on since the last Gov update on progress of abolishing/rationalising Quangos.

Since then we have actually had 1 new Quango, discussed above: Lottery Regulator


There is to be a new quango - Planning Regulator
The Government is to establish a new body to regulate planning. The independent regulator will review and assess all forward planning functions by local authorities - such as the drafting of city and county development plans. irishtimes.com/news/environm … -1.1385028


Jeez, I jinxed it this morning



Yeah! more regulation of FAIL!

The former USSR is beginning to look like a paragon of efficiency. :nin


Will the new regulator be looking into the cancelled inquiries. Maybe the regulator could be based in kilkenny or carlow.


This poor new quango needs staff and funding

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And I need a job. 8DD


Some of these people have so many jobs, you’d wonder how they can find the time to give their much needed commitment to yet another Govt body :unamused:

Members of the new Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC)
Professor of Law at UCC Siobhán Mullally; Mental Health Tribunal chairperson Teresa Blake; NUl Maynooth lecturers Mary Murphy and Orlagh O’Farrell; DCU lecturer Betty Purcell; Director of Exchange House National Travellers Service Heidi Foster Breslin, Barrister Sunniva McDonogh, Professor of Law Ray Murphy, Chartered Accountant Frank Conaty, Barrister David Joyce; Immigrant Council of Ireland Integration Manager Fidele Muwarasibo; Irish Council for Civil Liberties Director Mark Kelly, GLEN Chairperson Kieran Rose; and Liam Herrick of the Irish Penal Reform Trust.


another quango finding it hard to start up

irishtimes.com/news/child-ag … -1.1418414

Child agency delayed by row over staff transfers


Cabinet approves merger of Irish Coast Guard and Marine Survey Office

irishtimes.com/news/ireland/ … -1.1473949

So here a ‘merger’ actually means keeping the two already in place and having a new admin HQ?


Will the IMA be providing ‘employment’ for Ocean’s Eleven or Twelve?


Perhaps a quango should be setup to consult with the dictionary on the meaning of words in a press release vs intent of the public office.


Disgruntled former employee or Whistleblower depending on your viewpoint takes case to the Employment Appeals Tribunal.
He claims he was driven out of the National Eductional Welfare Board because he highlighted the empire building of the boss.

independent.ie/business/iris … 65690.html

NEWB will merge in to the Child and Family Support Agency. I don’t know if they retain their offices. 400 metres square of office space in their office on green street is up for rent at about 70k per year but I don’t think it is their office looking at the pictures. We’ve been given a list of rental costs in dail debates for government offices but not for quangoes. debates.oireachtas.ie/dail/2011/11/17/00084.asp

I have no idea how much sq. meterage they have but according to newb.ie/downloads/word/Purch … k_2012.xls they paid 184,587 for rent in 2012 and Jones Lang LaSalle got 84k service fees out of them in 2012. Admittedly they have a presence around the country but I’d guess Green Street is the big one.

Here is a report of loose practices and unofficial bonuses at NEWB

I see Pat McSitric replaced Eddie Ward as CEO in 2012.

These beasts keep roaring on. It seems near impossible to shrink the Quango beast as it seeks to self-perpetuate itself and when you look at their responsibilities the NEWB has important work to do but is undermined by power struggles within.


Bill to slash town councils and halve number of councillors

irishtimes.com/news/politics … -1.1563518


In fairness to FG and Labour, how are they supposed to appoint their cronies to sinecures unless they abolish existing quangos and set up new ones??