FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


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Varadkar publishes Bill for merger of National Roads Authority & Railway Procurement Agency (Roads Bill 2014)

dttas.ie/press-releases/2014 … rocurement


Taoiseach to launch Child and Family Agency

rte.ie/news/2014/0130/501039 … ly-agency/


When these type of organisations are merged is there actually any cost saving?


Doubful in the medium term. Small savings in teh long term.

Cons: Both will no doubt be locked into long term leases, have 2 CEOs under cotract, etc

Pros: Staff who worked in two separate payroll/HRs will be redeployed to another section so maybe more efficieny there. Need for one annual audit instead of two also applies.


One CEO role is redundant, so what if they have contracts. If two private sector companies merge, do they keep two CEOs, same for all other positions. If the positions are redundant, it is easy to get rid of staff if you want.


CEOs usually have 5 year contracts so problem should sort itself out soon enough.

The NRA’s 2012 accounts are up on the website
nra.ie/policy-publications/gener … -2012-(Eng.pdf


The NRA CEO Fred Barry was paid 248K in 2012 (256K Salary in 2011). This is above the 200K cap per government policy.

He was also paid a 20% pension contribution of 51K and a car allowance of 13K.

Total in 2012 was €312K (2011: €328K).

Compare this to the St Vincent’s Hospital chief who was criticised lately for a lower salary!

Per the 2010 report, the CEO was also paid a 58K bonus in 2009. I thought they were banned by then?
nra.ie/policy-publications/gener … s-2010.pdf

The RPA changed CEO is 2012. Between their 2 they were paid 185K in 2012 (pg34)
rpa.ie/Documents/Corporate%2 … nglish.pdf


Who cares about 5 year contracts. I have had permanent jobs and have been made redundant. If the position is redundant you can get rid of the CEO contract or not. Having superfluous high paid execs hanging around does more harm than good.


Minister set to scrap 41 state agencies in major quango cull

independent.ie/irish-news/mi … 77347.html


It astonishes me that the media to fall for this guff. Is there a single Irish journalist who is capable of doing more than simply reprinting a government press release?

The facts are nothing is being abolished. The press release/article states “The 35 City and County Enterprise Boards are being scrapped in April to be replaced by Local Enterprise Offices, operated by the local councils”. The Enterprise Boards are already operated by the councils and staffed almost entirely by council staff. They will be replaced by LEOs operated by councils and staffed by council staff. Apart from the change in title what is the difference?


I wasn’t aware that CEB staff are council staff. I understood they have boards, which the council is represented on, but their CEOs are separate, hired by the company. Likewise staff. They may be paid by the DOE (I’m not sure) but I’m pretty sure they’re not council staff.

The change will be the lack of transparency, an increase in politicisation and a high level of bureaucratic bullshittery.


A Charities Regulatory Authority will be introdcued by Easter


New price watchdog to protect shoppers

independent.ie/business/iris … 18983.html

The ‘Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’ will replace the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority.


irishtimes.com/news/consumer … -1.1745011


Coalition’s ‘quango cull’ falls well short of promises

irishtimes.com/news/politics … -1.1768500


So a net reduction of 12 quangos in total.

It was never going to be any different but I am sure some are happy to have a more empirical truth to point at and say I told you so down the pub.


That is all that the all-powerful Government were “allowed” retire.


A new quango on the way, expect lots of hot air from this one as it specialises in it.

Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2013
environ.ie/en/Environment/At … 468,en.pdf


Theory Taxes the Religiosity rides on.

I had a thread on Agenda 21.


New item

stateboards.ie/stateboards/c … /10733.htm