FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


New quango!
The government is to establish a Social Rental Agency for Dublin to help cope with the homelessness crisis. rte.ie/news/2014/0520/618431-housing-crisis/


Just in time for Emer Costello to get her feet under this table after the Dublin public cast her into deepest night…


Thanks for diagnosing the reason I’ve been in a foul mood for the last few hours. :angry:


No kidding, but how does one get one’s ass onto a quango ?


You get elected to Local Council it seems. This is the motivation behind political parties controlling the councils, they get to farm out to Quango after Quango, or so I was told. The bullshit all makes sense now.


Do some favours for government election candidates. Organise events, fundraise, canvas, etc. I presume anyway.


But… what about what Ireland needs?


A “jobs-rich economy”?


Like O’Reilly’s nurse - by performing “unsavory and repugnant duties”!
Mind you, some seem to get there by having family or in-laws do the said duties and just, well, being there!


The Government is setting up a new State bank to pump over €500m into Ireland’s credit-starved SME sector. irishtimes.com/business/econ … -1.1805195


The Government is setting up a new State bank to pump over €500m into Ireland’s credit-starved SME sector. irishtimes.com/business/econ … -1.1805195


Anyone fancy the Lottery Regulator job?

publicjobs.gov.ie/publicjobs … /11421.htm

96K per annum x 7 year contact


publicjobs.gov.ie/publicjobs … ooklet.htm

“Hours of attendance will be fixed from time to time but will amount to not less than 43 hours 15 minutes gross per week”

Is that normal for public sector these days? 39 days off a year would take the sting out of it though. :smiley:


an accounting or legal qualification, or other relevant third-level qualification

Given the world is becoming digital lottery will be one of the main changes in the next 7 years, a IT background would be at least as useful as legal or accounting,


The new Charities Regulator has a CEO and an initial staff of ten. Remind me how much the charity executives who created the need for this new oversight body were getting illicitly topped up by? More or less than the cost of those eleven staff?

Of course, the cost of the Charity Regulator will not be just their own wages, but also the additional work in terms of mandatory annual reporting for eight and a half thousand registered charities.

Should be as good as the PSA whose main function is to add costs and overheads to the sizable security industry. I see they’re about to suck in the locksmiths and suppliers and installers of safes. Soon you won’t able to turn the key in your own front door without a security license and annual top-up certification.



Just change it to ‘regulate’ in your head, you’ll get the idea!


Read an article today, think it was the Sunday Times, were IAASA, the accountancy and auditing regulator, were moaning they can’t fill positions because the wages are too low

IAASA only have about 15 staff. The accounting bodies regulate themselves and their members. 15 staff is the Gov saying they don’t really care about oversight


independent.ie/irish-news/po … 85990.html

Two ex-politicians placed on board of Bord Na Mona by a Minister who is about to be thrown out of office. Not a Quango but it is under Government control and there is no reason to suspect either men have any aptitude to form a business plan to guide BnM through this challenging near future timeframe where peatlands are either exhausted or returned to fen.


This is what the ‘new politics’ is all about that Enda promised us before the last election.
Apparently that John Farrelly fella and Enda shared an office for a good while, and Enda has always got on with him. Reckoned he was a very hard worker ’ he always had 2 phones to his head in the office’ …that a sure sign of a hard worker!


rte.ie/news/business/2014/07 … report/The body which oversees the accountancy profession says it needs a significant increase in staffing to help it fulfill its regulatory remit.