FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


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Burton is also proud to crow about the minimum wage being set back up to 8.65 which doesn’t look so clever when the minimum wage in Germany is 8.50.


New Quango alert

Central debt agency may net EUR200m for State

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Revenue Commissioners.


If this new agency is to replace all the individual agreements that all state and semi states organisations have with private companies there might be a big saving to make, assuming this new quango has all the same efficiencies that the private operators have. Particularly how you motivate people with discretionary bonuses instead of pensions, and penalising originating organisations who give services away to individuals who are unlikely to pay.
Once all of that is taken care of, I’m very happy with the idea.


Ah, sure Revenue don’t the systems in place or trained staff or recent successful experience bringing in say a property tax from scratch in a few months.

What you need is a new quango, with a fancy name, like. Now you’ll have to spend a few bob on it. BearingPoint or Accenture are always happy to help. Few teething problems along the way but sure that’s to be expected and nothing a few more million won’t fix eventually.

Now staffing is key. You’d think we’ll want only experienced debt collectors, like some ex NAMA lads, but no, that’s a common mistake. We want current public servants from other depts with - and this is key - no prior experience. The quango will be down the country, so a few locals getting home will do the trick, no questions asked.

Give us say 5 years to get up and running and the collection rate will be a 5% higher than the current agencies manage. Well worth it. We’ll break even after 10 years, excluding inflation of course.


Don’t forget that there will be a few key spots to fill at the top. A director, an assistant director, a head of HR, head of IT and head of finance. You won’t be able to fill the top spot for less than the “salary cap” either.


I’m pretty sure I owe a few hospital bills, nothing huge though.
If they had emailed me a bill and provided a link to where I can pay online I would have done it.

Remove the friction and people will generally be honest, and less talk of this ‘force’ crap.


Ah come on now, that would be doing some lads out of a job.


New sports body to boost clampdown on doping

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Sports body merger ‘won’t save money’

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Budget 2015
€500k is being allocated to support the establishment of the planned new Policing Authority
€500k is being allocated for start-up costs of the proposed Legal Services Regulatory Authority


What we really need is an Authorities Regulatory Authority. BD (how much more is this smiley costing from today?)


Government to decide against appointing a head of the Irish Civil Service

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Would that count as a reduction in Quangos by 1? The NCA only employ about 10 people so I don’t really see any reduction in staff numbers TBH.


Don’t go there!

If you knew what these people are earning for doing ??? your blood pressure would sky rocket!


Per Sunday Business Post a new body ‘Tax Appeals Commission’ is to be set up


Now you can apply for a vacancy on a quango board without pulling a stroke. Leopardstown Park Hospital has three vacancies

Is the Public Appointments Service a new quango?


Nope. been there for a good few years. Used to be the Civil Service Commission , puts people Mostly very little work for it though due the recruitment moratorium so most staff shopped out to other Depts at the mo, IIRC so a fairly enlightened policy.


They have 9 new roles in merged body.

700 odd applications.

salaries are nothing remarkable -