FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


All 3 are non fee paying


John Tierney: Irish Water is not a ‘super quango’

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No pretences here:


New planning regulator can be overruled by minister

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Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) will be established as a new and separate office


New oversight authority to inspect penalty points

rte.ie/news/2015/0127/675986 … ty-points/


Electoral commission to be established by Government

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He’s right, it’s not a quango, it’s a commercial semi-state body, like ESB or CIE. It actually funds itself by selling things, admittedly supplemented by the exchequer where needed.


On Sean O’Rourke show now…looking at the spending of Quangos on external Consultancy/PR etc.

45 Quango’s disbanded since the Govt came in and 33 new ones created!


Some “bonfire”

I’d like to see an analysis of how much cash (if any) has ben saved


Probably a negative amount, at least in the short term. No-one will be made redundant (the biggest scope for savings in private-sector mergers); existing leases on buildings will have to be honoured; and rebranding and moving people costs money. Any savings are probably 5-10 years out.


Dunno if this has been mentioned
Accountability Board for the Irish Civil Service
stateboards.ie/stateboards/c … /15865.htm


I don’t know where these numbers get pulled from

Public service spending down 9.4% from peak
rte.ie/news/2015/0304/684459 … ce-reform/

I note he says rationalised, not abolished. Some PR flunkie doing his/her job there.
But I thought current spending had remained as high throughout the crash as it was before? I’m sure someone on here had stats about that


New Quango Alert:

New watchdog to put pressure on banks that veto debt deals

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Constantin isn’t happy

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Coalition to establish independent Garda body

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Politicians subject to new corruption watchdog

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Remember when Bertie appointed Liam Lawlor as vice-chair of the Dáil ethics committee?!


Workplace Relations Commission to streamline industrial relations

rte.ie/news/2015/1001/731586 … work-jobs/


Ding ding…we’ve got a new one
The watered down, solicitor/barrister friendly Legal Services bill
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I doubt this bill goes anywhere near what the Troika wanted


Lizard and Snake Regulatory Authority?