FG/Labour Gov- List of New & Abolished Quangos


Of course it doesn’t, once again VIs rule the roost, this country is depressing.


I was listening to a report on radio last week about married German couples with uncomplicated arrangements being allowed from now on to divorce for about 80 euro where as previously it cost many many thousands. I wouldn’t imagine the VIs would allow that in Ireland. The websites I visited mentioned a miniumum of 1200 +vat miniumum for divorce in Ireland uncontested.


Was shatter not proposing a very harsh Legal Services Bill? He shouldn’t have been removed/stepped down until he drove it through the Dail.


See the 2nd page, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence,
cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2014/05/ … letter.pdf

Lots of support for nearly everyone involved in yet another banana republic mess.

He did offer his resignation. No indications of being removed there. His actions, his words.

Note: Edited to correct typographical error, ‘is’ was originally typed instead of ‘his’.


He did propose a much harsher bill, but The Law Library has spent the past 2 years lobbying. Result is amendments running to 69 pages to original bill.

What a horrid little country


In 2011, Fine Gael pledged to abolish 145 quangos

Anyone kept tab on the abolished quangos? :slight_smile:


I updated Page 1 of this thread a fair bit over the years. It won’t be bang up to date but you’ll see some falling off and new ones coming on board if you read the thread in total.

They created one of the largest quangos of all time, Irish Water. Ironic.


Not a quango but how much is this going to cost



A civil service friend indicated many tens of millions every time a department changed name. There’s a lot of signs and paperwork to be updated.


Dáil to debate bill on education ombudsman

rte.ie/news/2016/0721/803789 … an-debate/


The fudged report from the Water Committee has recommended a ‘Drinking Water Inspectorate’ to oversee Irish Water, water quality etc.
That must be the end of the EPA I hear you say? Nope, this is to be a new standalone organisation.


Looks like we might be getting a regulator for bin charges


New agency will buy private lands to develop for housing

irishtimes.com/news/ireland … -1.3473129


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the…
National Regeneration and Development Agency

irishtimes.com/news/ireland … -1.3567103

There’ll be a tribunal in years to come into some of the purchases made I’d wager


Wait for the list of stuff excluded from FOI requests - it’ll be so long and inclusive you won’t even be able to request the postal address of the agency itself…


New Cycling Office to be established


I suppose we should note that the Technological University of Dublin comes into existence on Jan 1st with Tom Collins as Chair and David Fitzpatrick as President. 2 good guys IMHO. The DIT, ITT and ITB will cease to exist as a result. If you haven’t been there a visit to the Grangegorman campus is worth a trip (possibly combined with some hipster delights via the gate to nearby Stoneybatter). While the penny pinching aspect of this is insignificant I think the TUD will grow into an impressive asset for the city, country and region.


I think the TUD will go down about as well as the TIT ever did out in Tallaght. :smiley:


New gambling regulator planned I see…


And a new Internet regulator in the guise of an ‘Online Safety Commissioner’