FG vote for FF head of Public Accounts Committee

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It looks like they want to keep FF inside the tent on some matters, which is daft. I guess they’re worried about FF opposing them tooth and nail with regard to cuts. They should have just backed Ross.

trying to preserve the status quo nutjobs

Well, they picked the least FF FFer.

Mr. Ross doesn’t show a great deal of foresight, going by his record on banks during the bubble, anyway.

Ross would be tougher for FG to deal with than McGuinness.

But it doesn’t look good.

McGuinness is one of the more ‘acceptable’ faces of FF (depending on your perspective)…if FG dont pull up their socks soon and end up going the toxification route, a new PD-type grouping could emerge - and if that happens McGuinnes will be in the thick of it with the likes of Lucinda and Leo etc…from that perspective it makes sense to maintain his profile to a degree

Ross would have grandstanded on a fortnightly basis. They were never going to let him do that.
Peter Matthews would lose his seat at the next election.

Interesting to see the contrast actually. Ross was wrong on the banks but wanted to be vociferous on public spending now. Matthews was right on the banks but is quiet as a mouse.
I met a chap who Matthews worked for many years ago the other day.


It doesn’t really matter does it. As Clemenceau said ‘everything I know I learnt after 30’.