Fianna fail, confirmed as being most popular … top-party/


The where’s by Nama and tax someone else brigade are being true to form f€ck the lot if them

Unfortunately family dictates things are still not bad enough to leave this particular democracy I live in

I thought this surge in popularity for FF might happen about 5-10 years down the line after the last election, but people are apparently even more stupid than I give them credit for. Luckily I left Ireland two years ago, so I don’t feel quite the same need to tear my hair out that I would do if I were still there - though by all accounts the current government are a massive disappointment anyway. You have my sympathies, Conflicted.

A consequence of the brain-drain, eh Pollydolly? I’ve said it before - these crooks will form the next government. Like you, I will be watching with dismay from afar.

I had a conversation with someone this week who claimed ‘at least FF wern’t as bad as this lot !’.

I told him blaming ‘this lot’ for their handling of the FF €20b budget deficit legacy was akin to a smoker of 25 years blaming their doctor for the ‘misery’ of chemotherapy.

Rather than get into a long rambling argument, we both left on the mutual understanding that Enda was a complete muppet !

The future of Fianna Fail? … 74922.html

What was Einstein’s definition of ‘insanity’ again ?

Who was it that said something along the lines that you should never argue with these barstewards because they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

All they have to do is keep quiet, say nothing about anything for another 2.5 years and they’ll be back in Government probably with Labour who’ll blame FG for being too right wing.
I knew I had to emigrate when I came to the realisation a few years ago that it was the Irish people who were the problem, not the politicians.

I’m guessing that people are surprised because the switch happened so quickly.

Fianna Fail is the same party as Fine Gael. This is the way the Irish one party state works. Every few years, when people get fed up with the status quo (FF) there is a brief flip to the sister party (FG) and then everyone gladly votes for FF again.
A bit like Good cop/Bad cop.

It’s funny really.
I’m considering voting for FF if they axe property tax. Why not, eh? - more money for me. I feel a bit like that bloke in room 101 in 1984. Maybe the correct answer is FF/FG.

You’re nuts.

he is

he left out labour

Fianna Gaelbour will win the next election, same as they always do

there will be no change or reform

Irish Times had a vox pop of people who are likely to vote Fianna Fail in the next election. … 14627.html

Where do these figures leave labour? What’s their move? Simply sip on gravy for another 3 years and then accept being pummelled or do they take the high risk option of walking out of government calling FG right wing and pandering to the public saying “austerity” is criminal & in any case not working etc etc

While there is no political party in the country I’d want to vote for and probably less than 5 people (I’d spoil if there was an election tomorrow) could an anti-FF (Don’t Forget) campaign gain traction whenever the next GE is called

We must remember. The election of Feb 2011 was the electorate getting it’s anti FF anger out. A cleansing event for its’ FF soul. If another election was held in March 2011, FF would have been back with 45 seats.

So FF’s bounce back is not that great. They were always going to be knocking around these levels. It’s mid term now also, so you would expect the sitting government to be shaky in polls.

This government will last until April 2016, and the landscape will be somewhat different then, if only because the celtic tiger will be a faint memory for many. The country will have just celebrated 100 years since the easter rising, and the tax take won’t be a whole lot higher. Still won’t stop FF probably edging in again a la 1997, but they’ll probably have to dump Martin as leader. Probably too much baggage there even for the Irish public to buy into that.

Need a few new political parties to replace the current crooked lot

I am quite surprised that FG are still as high as 25%.

(Who are these people?)

I’m in Ireland since 1993. FF is all I’ve known, until the last election. They always struck me as a bunch of amateurs and their modus operandi reminds me of the parent who thinks they’re doing a good job as long as their kid is happy/gets what they want. Cue spoilt brat, reactive parenting, and little if any structure to the household.

Whatever the current crowd’s deficiencies, at least they’re not trying to please all the people all the time.

In case you didn’t notice, this is what happened in 2011. If you don’t like FF/FG/LAB then there’s only one option left. I’m guessing you don’t like them either, but this is the hand you’ve been dealt.

Hold or twist?

We should call our next meet-up a Cabinet Meeting…