Fianna Fail Councillor/auctioneer involved in land deal … 04139.html … 71&aid=135

He is a QFA too.
Would you take financial advice from him?

How do Fianna Fail manage to recruit so many of these type people?
There are loads of people active in the community who have plenty to recommend themselves yet Fianna Fail seem to always recruit estate agents and property developers as Councillors.

A bit more on the same fella.

Killally ran for the Dail in 2002 as well. He got circa 5000 first prefs if I remember correctly.

the url I posted mentions that.

He is also on the county enterprise board which is just where an up and coming property developer would want to be.

Note these people are all very close to Cowen. He is surrounded by developer councillors throughout Laois/Offaly He will not reform a system he is part of.

Richie Connor is also an auctioneer and works for Killaly as you can see From Here

He also ran in 1997 and didn’t get in.
That election was a great chance for him as the outgoing veteran FF TD Ger Connolly, from the same area, was stepping down. Also Labour were set to lose a seat also after the highs of the 1992 election.

There was a fly on the wall documentary made for RTE at that election.
It followed around several candidates from Laois-Offaly in their campaign and right up to the vote count.

It ended with Killally bawling his eyes out and vowing that he would definitely get elected.
He seemed like a soft kind of character back then.

As he started to cream it from the property market in the following years he become a lot more cocky, in my opinion.

I read a long interview with him in the local paper a couple of years ago. He being really brash about making money. He was making quips along the lines of - I don’t have time for hobbies, I’m too caught in my wheeling and dealing.

He used to also knock around at those overseas property expos that Michael Lynn used to have.

A few more scandals like this one and the gubberment won’t last very long

There will be no outrage in Laois/Offaly about this. Worse has been going on for the last two decades.

You’re kidding right?

Scams like this are what reassure the party faithful that Fianna Fail are still in charge. This guy who failed twice to get elected will be guarenteed a win in the next election, now that his stroke pulling potential has been demonstrated.

If he can get himself thrown out of the party he’ll probably Top the Poll, then rejoin after the election.


This guy is toast.
I doubt it will affect the overall party or government standing though.

Another way of asking the question is; Why does this type of person gravitate to Fianna Fail ?

I think we know the answer to that one, don’t we ?

A term in jail would be justified for Mr Killally in my opinion if these allegations are true.How could you deal with this man if there was even a hint of truth in what the papers say.

Are politicans from the main parites all the same anyway.

Without a doubt…
The difference in this instance for me is that this politician is a member of the larges party in government.
A government that over the past 15 years has clearly chosen to focus on assisting the development class.
While other parties may have a rotten egg or three… they don’t all seem to run an economy to the benefit of the development class in particular.
That’s not to say that if another party was in there they wouldn’t have done the same thing.

Check out Kilally’s website News section:

House Prices increasing (OK, it’s from 2005, but its the lead item on his website!!)

Is he an IAVI member? No mention on the website?

“So far as I can see a good percentage of the media is not interested in the truth or both sides of a case, authenticity, but all they want is a story that will sell papers, often giving a dramatic misleading heading, knowing that in some cases that they will not be pursued or indeed sued. Given the abusive, misguided leaks to the newspapers it is disgraceful, despicable and the lowest of the low.”

Killally pulls out of local elections, you’d sware he didn’t do athing wrong, whats a couple of Mill between friends ? :wink:

Here you go, Gerry

Id be interested if anyone could find a landdeal for over 1 Million euro where a FF Party Member or a local councillor of any party was NOT invovled in it.

He deserves a much smaller violin