Fianna Fail Councillor/auctioneer involved in land deal


****GAA legend and ex-councillor facing ruin over €40m debts


Diddums get his €16k a month in ‘household expenses’ off the judge this time ???


Would not the following imply criminality, and should we expect to see a prosecution?

"The “partnership” action was settled less than 24 hours after one of Mr Killally’s close friends, a claimant in the action, told the High Court that, in relation to one €2.5m property deal, Mr Killally indicated that the unzoned lands to be bought by a partnership in which both men were involved would be “rezoned in a matter of weeks”.

Mr Killally, who was chairman of Offaly County Council at the time he was alleged to have stated the lands were to be rezoned, did not contest the allegation made by businessman Frank Lawler, a co-defendant in the AIB proceedings."


According to the Sindo Martin ‘the Viper’ Foley has been running around Offaly looking to collect debts off Killally. The irony of Biffo’s running mate being chased around Offaly by the Viper is just an unreal commentary of how Ireland has been brought to its knees by FF. … 29598.html


I’ve been reading of the Pin about “judgements” being ordered by the courts against various personalities in Ireland over the last 6 months or so.

But I’ve not read very much about actuall posessions being taken off these personalities.

I am aware of cars being repossessed but I’ve not yet seen actual transfer of assets or sale of assets by auction.

Have I been missing something?

How long does it normally take for a bailiff/sheriff to actualy move on a judgment once a creditor demands payment from the debtor?


While the country experiences biblical floods, this gem deserves airing again…


The other classics are:
Dooley - wife of his co-accused, I believe, recently re-elected as a councillor.
Cowen - say no more…

Will this break some of the FF stranglehold on gombeen local politics? I seriously doubt it.


How about we jsut change this thread nay forum tos

Fianna Fail Sell’s Out ireLand, Again


You might be mixing her husband Johnny Dooley up with Richie Connor.


You’re quite right, sorry about that Ms. & Mr. Dooley.


Great post by bogman


By the way Bogman, have you a link for the quote you used? I plan to mail it around if you don’t mind.


Where was the article published? I presume Barry is Brians relation. Brorther, cousin?

Misread the date.


barry is brian’s youngest brother

local dng auctioneer


It was originally in the Tullamore Tribune and has been posted up on and various other sites.

A fuller version of the council debate is here. … plain.html

There was of course another agenda at play here.
A certain Fianna Fail councillor would have not taken part in the debate as he had an interest in the swamps in question.

Hint, hint…


Yep but Sinead was for years Cowen’s constituency PA (might still be).
She was also one of thsoe dabbling with Biffo and Missus Biffo in the ill fated Leeds student accomadation non bonanza.


Don’t be. Ms Dooley is FF serretary. Both Dooley waiting chance to join the club. Regularly seen licking Brian’s behind in Tullamore hostelry. 8DD


Ah now, I have to apologies for labelling her a convicted criminal. That other ‘crimes and misdemeanours’ are still in our imaginations isn’t relevant to that!


For the benefit of the typical myopic denizen of the pale who is trying to follow this saga
Richie Connor was a county footballer and
Johnny Dooley was a county hurler

( their wives may have been too for all I know )

Both gentlemen may even have been all ireland senior title winning captains.


They are aslo both wannabe FFr’s and work in the public service.