Fianna Fail merger with SDLP?


This was mooted before but went nowhere. SDLP have been in the wilderness for a long time and show little chance of resurgence; FF want to be an all-island party. Makes some sense, I suppose.

But are they aligned on policy? They are talking about the European elections but they sit in different groups in the European Parliament. SDLP is in the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) while FF is in the Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe (ALDE). (FG is in the European People’s Party)

Maybe FF could try to move group but their membership application could be blocked by existing S&D members - which include the Irish Labour Party. Labour must be feeling a bit aggrieved that their supposed brothers in the SDLP are getting into bed with FF. I’d have thought that Labour + SDLP + Social Democrats might have been a more coherent group but none of them have a certain future at present so I suppose hitching to the FF machine is a pragmatic move.


Well the SDLP has been unsuccessful in trying dismantle the viability of the Northern Irish statlet. While Fianna Fail has over 80 years experience of dismantling the viability of the Irish Republic, so it could be some sort of student/master relationship.


SDLP are an adjunct of the UK labour party.

I dont know who is who or affiliated to whom if they merge with FF.


So SF have announced lately they want a vote on 32 county unity

FF join SDLP in NI and join sides with SF in the pro 32 county vote?


Certainly a sign that FF are looking down the line to a potential change in the status of N.I. - the threat of a border makes unity or other changed circumstances a bit more likely.

What should other parties do? FG has no presence in N.I. Labour probably thought it had (in the SDLP) but turns out it hasn’t. Greens have separate separate leadership in the north and south but they wouldn’t have much trouble merging. Values, logo, European affiliations are all near identical.

Personally, I think SF should cool their jets on this ‘border poll’ talk but no harm thinking ahead - even if it turns out to be very far ahead.


I assume the merged name will be FF seeing as we already have Social Democrat and Labour parties in the South.

Maybe they could call it the FF LSD party


Will be good to see FF candidates being elected to Westminister in the near future and taking an oath of allegiance to the Queen! DeValera’s ghost finally put to bed


That would be an interesting connundrum for them. Are you still an Irish Republican party if you take an oath of allegiance to the Queen and take part in a Foreign Parliament.


I’m sure if it helps them enrich their mates it wouldn’t be an issue. As Marx (Groucho) once said

Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.


The whole thing feels like dusting off old plans for lack of better ideas for both parties, the original merger was tabled around 2002 I think when both parties were in good health.


The original plan was that FF run candidates in the North. When Bertie etc were in their pomp… God be with the days!


“The move follows Fianna Fáil’s successful merger with Independent Newspapers in 1997 and the Construction Industry Federation in 1967”

Fianna Fáil must be a very very strange organisation to be a member of now. The only excuse a young person would have to join is if they had a parent in it. There must be a real Freemason/cult feel surely ? Maybe it’s like the Legion of Mary, but with more drinking


It still sounds like a lot less fun.


some of you guys in the Dublin Rathdown constituency will have Justin McAleese to vote as your FF #1 in the next general election.


There was an interesting put down in the Popes speech in Croke Park where he said ‘why would you deny babies a baptism, that’s mad’. Whereas Justin’s mom thinks baptised babies are “conscripts”.

Personally I think there’s a fair chance that old McAleese is gone a bit loopy for whatever reason. And it will harm young McAleese’s chances if she doesn’t pipe down. But if she really is loopy she’s not in control and can’t.


She studied for years to be a Canon lawyer, and now starts cribbin’ that she cant work as a canon lawyer.
She must think there’s a market for Catholicism-lite, which will be the palatable face of The Handmaid’s Tale.


People who want Catholicism lite don’t study canon law, they study the back of the head of the next bored parishioner at Mass. Mary wants to keep Catholicism heavy, she just wants to remake the church in her own image. She calls it “a primary global carrier of the virus of misogyny”. It’s a nice rhetorical slapdown but not, I would have thought, the greatest way to get yourself elected to the board of directors.


surely the Anglicans are already Catholicism-Lite, why doesn’t she join them?

#19 … 07916.html

No, not a token gay, no siree. It’s Fianna Fail Nua!!


In fairness, he worked for Pat The Cope when The Cope was an MEP and I suppose he must be a good campaigner. Hope he has the diversity of expertise to make a difference in Brussels/Strasbourg. The European Parliament works out well for people who get into the detail of policy and understand the EU machine - e.g. Mairead McGuinness. Mind you, she was only a journalist when she was elected and now she’s VP of the Parliament.

Someone like Barry Andrews would be a better bet for the Dublin constituency - a former minister, not a semi-retired FF politician looking for one more lap with the pension collection plate, and also knows his way around development/international agencies etc. (I’m not Barry Andrews, in case anyone asks! Met him at an event once. Found him normal and earnest-in-a-good-way)

Who are FG and Labour putting up?