Fianna Fail TD Calls for Bad Budget and IMF

I heard Jim McDaid being interviewed on Newstalk this morning and he is of the opinion that the government should introduce the bad budget and call for a general election that would take them out of office.
He also stated that he would not be against the IMF being brought in to sort things out in Ireland given that we have a huge public service employing many more people than needed.
Is this a sign of things to come or just a bunch of sour grapes because he was refuseed something for Donegal? Or is it the concensus opinion on the backbenches these days?:shock:

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I think we can disregard the ramblings of a man who drove the wrong way up a motorway pissed out of his face

did he do jail for that?


The system works.

I just think its ironic that one of their own would be ok with the IMF (or are they looking for someone else to blame for implementing the measure that they dont have the ba**s for). And WTF is he doing as a TD when calling for his own party to bring in a horrendous budget and then a general election where they will be crucified?

  1. Licenced to Kill.

You b*****d, you made me spit out my coffee I laughed so much at that bit!

As the man said it’s the politicians who will get us out of this mess.

His punishment was the slight setback to his political career, something he’s not taking too well. He would still be in Government were it not for his crime, but he won’t take even this lightest of scouldings, instead he’s doing a Bev and being a thorn in the FF side until he’s accepted back.

If Jim McDaid believes that the best thing for Ireland would be a change in government, then he can put
down a motion of no confidence and vote against the government.

If he’s not willing to do that then any talk about tought budgets and the IMF is just bullshit and bluster.


fixed that for you

he’s on todayFM now

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jimbo must be hitting the sauce again.

Someone please take his car keys away. The man is a menace.

I would normally agree 100%.
However, we are quite obviously living in bizzaro world*.
At this rate, jimbo will be taoiseach in no time.


*** That fuck neary

Right now he’s the world’s favourite Fianna Failer. Also the world’s most intelligent fainna failer, the world’s most honourable FFer…etc

He was on the last word I think it was and he quite candidly said that
(a) Ireland needs a party like Fianna Fail and an early election would force them into the opposition but they would not be decimated and live to fight another day!!!
(b) He also said that they should pass a tough budget and let Fianna Gael/ Labour implement it and that would be better for ZanuFF in the long run.
Now we all know how they think… Only about themselves… Not in the slightest bit patriotic or noble…

Ps. He also muttered something about the fact that they had tried to be all things to all men and had become too socialist blah blah!

Mc Daid like all Zanu members will promise the electorate anything including new elections, so long as the NAMA legislation is passed into law beforehand.They dont give a flying fuck about anything only this bailout.Money is the driving factor behind the lot of them.Mc Daid the little bastard probably thinks this NAMA is another extension of the Lottery Funds He made great use of in Donegal etc.etc.When are these fuckers going to realise that Taxpayers money is not their own personal ATM for Jasus sake.Stop .Stop. for Gods sake STOP. :imp: :imp:

This is the greatest load of horse twaddle I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying something
since Fianna Fail have become to horse twaddle what Kilkenny are to Hurling.

Let’s just play “humour the drunk criminal” for a few minutes.

FF passes a bad budget to piss off the electorate, and calls an election.

Why a bad budget you say? It’s not like the electorate needs more pissing off.
It’s not like FF might accidently win the election unless they put together a nasty budget.
Oh, no, the bad budget is there to make FG/Labour look bad when they implement it.

And the drunk criminal thinks that when they get into power FG/Labour won’t have the cop on
to say… hmmm there doesn’t appear to be a mandate for the crazy ass crap that ZanuFF were
up to…let’s have us an emergency budget and start getting things back on track.

Just what is he smoking/drinking to think that a new government would be obliged to implement
ZanuFF policies? If ever a government will have the authority to rip it up and start again it
will be the government that replaces the current shower.

Jim is trundling the wrong way up the intellectual highway. Look for an exit Jim.
Go to your happy place.


Ahh Rd,

You’re thinking like a member of the human race & not a dyed-in-the-wool FF’er.

The next budget & the current ‘Commission’ isn’t about directing FF policy; it’s about creating an environment where the next Government, probably a FG/Lab Coalition, has a set of recommendations, where if they don’t implement
them; then FF in opposition will feel free to lambaste them.

This is why FF wants as many unpopular measures as possible, it gives them more shit to throw at FG/Lab come the following GE.

The pathetic part is that it’ll probably work XX

If it comes to it I reckon FG/Labour will be able to take the 10-15 FF Td’s
that will be in the next Dail.