Fianna Fáil's alternative Budget 2013

Hot on the heals of Sinn Féin’s proprosal, we now have FF’s … ing45.html

ah bless FF the nice guys are fixing the economy they fupped up in the first place.

Still doing the bidding of the publicans I see

FF had 14 budgets to do something “alternative”, they failed. Now fuck right off

FF have a Finance spokesman :open_mouth:

What’s their stance on MIR, stamp duty and the property tax? BD

Everybody looks good in opposition, nobody makes the difficult decisions while in government.

I suppose they want Croke Park II also?

This, of course, is true.

So they promise the sun, moon and stars (SF are the masters of this) knowing full well, should they be in Gov themselves, most of these could never actually be done.

now is not the right time for a property tax

Pretty sure John McGuinness called for it to changed not so long ago

I remember at the time googling for an articel where he voiced criticism/concern when it was greed, could find nothing strangely enough

i dont think the SF budget proposals promised the sun moon and stars. why do people always make these stupid comments?

Nobody cares Michael! No one.

Fair enough. But they’d find those changes very hard to bring in

I remember one day back in secondary school, talking to a mate. In conversation, I observed (by the by) that govt ministers generally had no specific knowledge of their briefs (from prior experience, education, formation, etc.,), which it turned out was a shock to my friend. He had some image in his head of a Taoiseach looking at the briefs and then matching them up to the skills/strengths of his parliamentary squad.

It seems funny, but if you came to the problem from scratch, my school-friend’s imagined way of doing things does make some sense.

Anyway, nobody here on Property Pin is so naive to share such illusions. Yet, somehow I feel we share a more subliminal version of this illusion, and imagine that politicians have some sort of insight/talent for things like economic management. Why is it noteworthy that FF’s alt-budget is dumb. Of course it’s dumb. FG’s have been and will be no great shakes either. SF’s is pretty crap too. None of them have any talent or ability in this regard. The surprise would be if one of the parties actually managed to produce a visonary, integrated, implementable budgetary strategy. After all, there is little to nothing in the selection process whereby these guys and gals got to their current profession that required them to have any ability in this regard.

If the FF/FG/SF/Labour/…etc.,/ party went away and did an art-retreat, the surprise would be if any of them produced paintings that turned out to be brilliant and saleable. That they all grind out middling to crap efforts, when they could be bothered to turn up at all, is just par for the course.

My intention wasn’t to get into a for/against Sinn Fein debate (how many times has that been done now).

I just recall listening to Fine Gael and Labour promise this and that most of which hasn’t come to pass. FG had a 100 day plan which amongst other things planned to get rid of Quango’s yet we all know a lot of these still exist - some re-branded/ re-named. That’s just one of many examples.

We’ve got a mish mash of their policies and the way things are shaping up it will likely be another coalition doing the same.

Every year the opposition come out with budgets that don’t accurately reflect what they’d really do if they were in power.

you can follow their progress on the Quangos here