Final loan offer gone to legal team?

Hi does anyone have any experience of this?
Basically, sold house, signed contracts for new house after structural survey done, signed loan offer and sent back contracts to vendor. Bank today said offer was sent to the legal dep because of attic conversion. We got a certificate from the architect who did the conversion so really struggling to think why it would be gone to legal team.
Desperately want to be settled for Christmas so does anyone have any idea what they would be looking for or how long these things take to resolve.
Thanks in advance !

Ask your contact in the bank/broker. It could be something as simple as the legal team doubling as the completions team

They are utter wankers. They reduced our loan by 10% at the last minute

Caused me significant delays and stress, the legal team was an external practice and were borderline useless, the issues weren’t significant but neither my solicitor or the banks would give an inch, the issues were ones that would “heal” themselves over time and eventually it was trashed out but a major pain in the hole for me.