Finance Bill Voting

I found this interesting and quite undemocratic:

Independents voting for it:

Regardless of my proposal for electronic voting of all passport holders over the web.

This system has never ever been in any sense democratically efficient for the voters. It has only has worked very well for those recipients whom saw fit to engage the state for private profit as opposed to wider social and human benefit as its own constitution require.

a whole new political system - let the people vote on everything…!
Why not

Because it’s a fupping disaster!! leading to totally contradictory results, paralysis of government and economic disaster…

(So no change there then )

Voting is not the main power you have in a democracy and the PP know this. It is the voter who has been misled to believe their X counts. It does not with this current set up.

Major goons have ruled this land on the slimiest of votes. If voting was really effective in this system it would be very different. So you have to conclude that voting is not the lifeblood of Irish democracy. If you where in any doubt of course.

A rotating vote through say, Ulster/Connaught, Munster then Leinster would keep any excess in check.

Thus there would not be a national general election.

Would force the Dail to become more responsive to the ‘national mood’ with elections always at a maximum of 2 years away.

And permanent canvassing rotating pork and no work done

It could be a first component, sure. But it is practically useless without a second component which consists in reclaiming society’s “channels of communication” and ensuring their integrity. What passes through these channels, whether through the various media organs or even personal conversations held in public, there are currently overwhelming influences affecting those channels (for example, stemming from commercial, institutional and certain sectional interests in general) that strongly influence the “messages” that are passing around. And peoples’ thoughts are strongly a function of these messages, in general. Or in other words, these communications and messages strongly influence his inner life and his life in society and thus his vote on issues. (But there is a self reinforcing tendency in what I’m talking about above that makes it extremely difficult to address).

Does not work in the States, it simply encourages short term pork barrel politics. Instead of 5 years to line your pockets you have to do it in two.

Majority of two.

Meanwhile there are three vacant seats in the Dail but bye-elections seem to be optional in Ireland.

What a joke.

The problem is that the Populace only gets to vote for their representatives; they only really get to really vote in constitutional amendments, & look what happens then !!! The Populace has over the last series of amendments consistently thrown out the proposals which its supposed representatives said was the best choice.

The requirement for political representatives is now past its best. This is the cause of almost all of our problems, it allows someone to get the result they want by corrupting maybe 20 TDs.

The technology exists to make it possible for the Populace to make the votes themselves on significant legislation, & not rely on a representative. The TDs job is then reduced to sitting in committees & drafting the legislation only.

The final vote was 80-78. But FG gave the government two voting pairs for Dermot Ahern and Noel Treacy who are ill ( What would have happened if those two FG deputies had voted? Would the Ceann Comhairle would have descended from upon high to cast his tie-breaking vote on the government side?