Financial confidence holding up - survey

My God, only 56%? The other 44% must have rocks in their heads.

Nope, sand in their ears like all the other ostriches :smiley:

I personally konw someone in Dublin that is adding to their BTL portfolio. I still don’t think that it is my place to warn them and in all honesty, nothing I could say would have any effect. Anyhow, the upshort is that the person thinks that now is a great time to buy - I did not have the energy to argue that point.

If there is anyone out there with a property that they need to offload - I know at least one fool that might buy it.

Your friend could be right, particularly if he/she is not borrowing for the properties, and he/she is managing to buy from distressed sellers.

I’d be surprised to find any good deals in Dublin, but perhaps your friend has access to better deals than plebs like you and I would find on Daft.

I have seen some deals in other parts of the country that in another climate I would be tempted by, the only thing keeping me back is I don’t know how much worse things are going to get, but I do believe it will get worse.

If your friend doesn’t share my pessimism then he/she would be right to buy now.

Whether or not he/she repents later is the question.