Financial institutions given loan book deadline

When they are cross-compared, will we have any systemic individuals? Someone who has masses in loans out from each institution? With multiply cross-collateralised properties?

Not saying it will happen, just that it could…

It will.

Paddy Kelly is in the high court every week with a different bank , BoI last week , ACC this week etc . Anglo have not even started to deal with their exposure to Paddy and Paddy is at least admitting to problems unlike most of his peers .

The top 10 developers are easily in for €10bn of that total and yes, it is spread across a lot of banks .

The other big variable is the commercial ‘syndicate’ market . Quinlan Private as an example spent €1bn on one building in Canary Wharf. Who lent him that €1bn ?

I think there is no question about whether this was happening. The only question is whether we (the public) will be allowed to see it. Call me a cynic but I expect many politicians to come scuttling out of this particular area when these rocks start getting turned.