Find the new website confusing - Users Feedback :gargled:


The user avatars on latest pages has been tackled.


@Open_Window Thanks for all your hard work on the new design.

My previous post a few days ago was all the negatives. I’ve got to say there are many improvements too

e.g. I just pasted in a table from a website and it came in verbatim, no need to format or use imgur to get an image. Delighted!

The search function is great too. I knew I had a post a few years ago and usually it would be very hard to find. Now I found it inside one minute :slight_smile:


@TheJackal - Bravo! :clap:t2:

When I began to reply to your post I discovered something incredibly cool and in line with your comments that I did not know!

I scrolled back up to my earlier “Give it 2 weeks” post, for a good humoured “I told you so” quotation.

I directly copied the text from the post intending to paste it and then wrap it in quote tag or blockquote it using mark-down.

When I opened up the editor it was already placed in quotes for me - like wtf! :dizzy:

I didn’t even need to paste the clipboard!!!

Now I thought, “na, that can’t be that’s really much to easy” - so I went and tried it in another thread, and sure as night is day, anything you copy from a post on the forum will appear automatically in you editor if that is your next action, It will be attributed to the posters and wrapped in quote tags, ready to rock!

Like srly how f’ing good is that!??? :man_shrugging:t2:

:star: 'Tis magical magical magic is wot! :crescent_moon:

The feature you’ve discovered I think is some HTML formatting remains intact. :zap:


This is ridiculous or as the kids say sick… when you highlight any text in a post you are reading so as to copy, a big dandy grey QUOTE box appears - click it and the post editor magically opens up with the quoted text, yet there is more, it also works on mobile devices too!!!

Yiz are spoilt rotten so yiz are! :roll_eyes:


You have that now since yesterday evening, albeit it’s a single avatar no name (folks update your avatars and have fun, @bokonon best avatar ever!) - the main difference is you might miss is clicking the user icon does not take you to the last post but a summary profile pop-up instead.

It’s cleaner, leaner, looks good and won’t over stimulate your cones. :sunglasses:


Dear oh dear. It took a second read of this for it to sink in. :roll_eyes:

So we do have this feature after all :grinning: it also work in the mobile. Activity time is there the small digit/s and also first or last post thebkarfer post total figure.

Also emojis should work from your native emoji menu on you mobile OS of choice.


An interpretative emoji group shot of pinsters first impressions of the migrated forum. :grinning:


Also, the number above that, in a sky blue disk, indicates the number of posts since your last visit and is a link to the first of those posts. Quite useful.


Yep I found that one was a lot more self evident.

Also a smaller blue dot indicates a completely NEW topic.


Is there any way to change the Date format, it defaults to US month day, I would prefer the European day month format.


It’s actually Month Year.

I can see how it might be confusing but I never read it that way Jan ‘15 vs Jan 15.

It’s s on the list of things to investigate as there doesn’t appear to be a user configurable setting or a forum wide setting.


Since the overall feedback has been veering negative I wanted to chime in and say that while there’s definitely been a learning curve, there’s nothing irrevocably terrible about the new site and tons of nice little easter eggs (as referenced above).

(The most annoying thing for me starting out was that I was getting ancient topics at the top of my homepage for some reason - they were threads that I had participated in going back years, and the software seemed to have marked tons of them as unread for me. Now that it’s settled down though I’m pretty happy)

More importantly I appreciate that Open_Window (and others) continue to sink time into maintaining, moderating and updating the forum, which doesn’t cost anyone a penny to participate in, and FWIW don’t think you guys owe anyone an apology for taking the decision that it was time for an upgrade. If the Metrolink saga has taught us anything it’s that democracy is fatally over-rated. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Vive la dictatorship, etc etc.


@muirgheasa learning curve - that’s the one!

On desktop, there is a lot to be said for being able to CMD + {cursor up) / (cursor down) macOS or Home/End on PC keyboard to get to the start or end of a topic instantly. That wasn’t even possible. before.



A new (beta) theme is available that should address some of the concerns outlined in this topic.

Read more here -


@snaps You could try the new theme Lite-X (beta).

Also try zoom by one click (10%) is good. The forum should scale nicely to fill your screen or window.


Ah, I was worried I wouldnt be able to CTRL+F to find keywords on a page of a thread anymore seeing as some of them arent displayed yet with the infinite scroll but it actually has its own CTRL+F function (how does it override Chrome like that?) that finds all appearances of your keyword in the thread with a list of links to the relevant posts, very slick and actually useful, cuts searching time for years-old barely remembered posts by 90%…

Im liking this now, was seriously worried people would just stop posting as has happened in similar situations on a lot of BBs…


Thanks. I am trying that out now. Seems good so far.


@snaps updated again :wink:


Cool. My hatred of that scrolly date thing just diminished by 80%.


it’s official - 80% full of WIN! :star:


Not a huge fan of the new format, but I suppose it’s all in the name of progress.

I find Lite X Beta makes it a bit more usable. I still find that too much of the screen is filled with white space when using desktop mode.