Finding out who owns a property

Anyone know a legitimate site where I can look up the land registry ?

As it involves a credit card transaction, I’d like to be bulletproof on security.

Is the official government site ?

Use a prepaid debit card?

We used it before, very handy

Thanks for the responses.

Does it really contain everything?
Like really?
I’m not actually sure that it does so.
And that was after doing an actual physical visit to the Land Registry offices down in Waterford City many years ago (about 10 years ago exactly actually).
There was a site in Cork City region that I was interested in buying. I had identified the coordinates exactly and the site boundary on a reference map before hand.
Anyhow, I went to Waterford.
Met a nice man at the counter and eventually after paying fees etc. It was found that they did not have any record of the site in question.
So there you go.
You might end up paying money to find out that they don’t actually have a record.
What do you think about that now?

Exactly, you’ll find large sites missing on the land registry. Local knowledge would probably direct you in these cases. Until you see the final deed though, you wouldn’t know for sure!