Fine Gael against Anglo bailout

Enda Kenny says that FG will vote against the Anglo bailout. No link yet but it was on Nuacht

Pity they didn’t listen to labour and vote against the Guarantee.

Indeed! I was watching it in Irish so apologies if I have it arseways :blush:

FG have made the right decision in not backing the Anglo bailout but are wrong about not backing the public service pay cuts.


I hope they can convince the electorate why this shouldn’t go ahead, and are merciless about the golden circle nature of this bailout. FG should take no prisoners in highlighting the corrupt nature of the golden circle of bankers, developers, politicians and cough regulators.

Various governments since the '60’s had worked hard to throw off the ‘thick Paddy’ image of us abroad. Bertie, Charle Mc and Brian C’s policies are landing us right back at go.

I don’t think FG explicitly came out against public sector pay cuts. But they said they would not provide ‘political absolution’ to an FF govt wanting cross party support for this. In short, FG’s position is ‘No Tallaght strategy’ this time.

General election now! Throw Anglo and Irish Nationwide to the wolves.

FG are advocating a public sector pay freeze until the end of 2010 and say if wages cuts are necessary then they should be only for those on over 100k in wages.
I don’t agree with this at all and wage cuts need to happen right across the board.

Where did the idea come from that you are not earning a lot unless you are earning six figures? What happened to the average industrial (or even the average PS) wage as a benchmark?

Because even the most skilled numerical masseuse has limits.

I agree with this too, although I would spare anyone below 30k. But it really is FF’s mess to clear up.

FG, or indeed anyone in opposition would be nuts to be the first party to advocate wage cuts, even though it is clear that they are necessary. Your average voter cares not a jot about macroeconomic policy, they only worry about themselves. So I don’t think FG would get big support amongst the electorate for doing the right thing on public sector pay. Let FF stand up and be counted for the colossal mistake that was benchmarking.

Yeah, but what worries me is that if FF don’t enforce these wage cuts then I can see taxation rocketing and that will damage the economy even further and we’ll have people sitting on the dole not wanting to even look for a job [unless social welfare is cut as well].

At last FG come along and say something original on the meltdown. Labour and Gilmore in particular have been leading the way now for so long.

Mind you Enda got it wrong on the deposit guarantee. Calling for an extension of the guarantee to foreign owned banks, to load us up with even more problems. :angry: :blush:

I think its generally accepted that hes not the best of leaders :frowning:

In fairness to them if they really want to win the next election they can’t go around gratuitously pissing off 300,000+ voters and their families…the electorate still aren’t ready to face the full truth, and a pay freeze for Seamus and Mary while the fat cats take a cut is about as close to reality as you’re likely to get the Irish electorate to move right now.

Fg should talk to guten morgan and try and put a coherent economic policy together

FG are not blameless. Not all councils are FF controlled, some are FG, and look at some of the planning decisions out there…

They already have Richard Bruton. He knows his stuff (although he had a sizeable investment in bank shares!). Although part of me hopes that McWilliams will join and run for Dublin South!

FG are far from blameless of course. They did not fight either of the last two elections on the economy, and did a very poor job of criticizing the governments policies in that area. In fairness, one could argue this would have been a thankless job, as most Irish people (certainly quite a few I know) are economically illiterate and they would have committed political suicide.

As bad as planning on councils was, (especially with ghost estates, poor infrastructure etc.) I think the real damage was done by Section 23 and poor regulation which is the national governments responsibility.

apart from richard bruton/enda kenny i havent heard from any ither member of the fg front bench, do they have a shadow cabinet? is fg just made up of 2 tds?

same fg who were in favour of refunding eircom shareholders??

why 100k? so someone on 105k goes to 95k and guy on 99k stays at 99
pay cuts for all including welfare and those on minimum wage
100k is populist nonsense

handing over money to Anglo cause why?

In the scheme of things it was FF who duped the public on that… there was a point that Government should not have misled people or should I say O’Rourke who should not be allowed near a jam jar or piggy bank without adult supervision let alone a government dept.

Have you not seen Leo Varadkar on the telly? Hard to miss really!

Our political class are definitely fairly poor at the moment. But, think back to the '70’s, '80’s and '90’s. FG during that time had Richie Ryan, Fitzgerald, Two Brutons and Alan Dukes. All of these clearly understood economics, (even if FG failed to stand up to the public sector during the mid-80’s). Unfortunately few of them (apart from Garret) enjoyed electoral success. Who did FF have at the same times? McSharry and Reynolds were OK, but I wonder would they have avoided the excesses of the last ten years if they were at the helm.

I know FG aren’t a cure all. But FF haven’t had to make tough decisions since aking power, and they’re so tied in with the golden circle that they’re just hoping everything will blow over. I’d happily see ANY govt right now in preference to an FF led one.