Fine Gael: initiatives to clear up mess in housing sector

Blue Horseshoe

Yes because these people are what we term “renters”. Who decided that everyone in the country was entitled to own a house irrespective of their means?

it makes me sad that this is the only real opposition we have to the present Government :frowning:

People get the leaders they deserve.

True. They also only get the leaders that put themselves before the people. Maybe some pinsters should stand for election if they think the current crop of politicians are doing such a bad job.

For all its glories, this site is really a collection of hurlers in the ditch.

It’s depressing alright. The only saving grace (I’m clutching at straws here) is that at least they’re not pushing for the bailout (sorry, supportive measures) that the Irish banks are looking for.

Ask anyone in this country who has shown an ability to achieve something (notably business entrepreneurs) and they will tell you they wouldn’t run for election because it is too difficult to get anything done. High level civil servants representing themselves and answerable to no one govern the country - the Humphrey Applebys, as someone said. The government of the day is just the mouth-piece.

Jesus fucking Christ… the market is finally starting to take care of people who couldn’t afford homes, and FG are looking to buck it up with tax euros.


‘Affordable Housing’ just serves to make the rich richer at the tax payers expense.

They should change the name to ‘Tax Payer Subsidised Champagne Lifestyles for Developers’

Not as catchy but much more fucking honest.

Fine Gael are just grabbing for votes like all of them, and pretending to people that there is a way out of this mess and that they are the party with the solutions is the only way to grab the votes.
The truthful, one-line solution ‘let it fall’ ain’t sexy!

A little facile. Besides the real reason is that people who have the brains to run the country are by and large out making money in far less precarious or difficult ways than being a T.D.

I’d have no interest in having to spend 80 hours a week listening to every local busybody, crank, and lonely old codger bending my ear about drains, potholes and getting a job/house/welfare claim sorted for wee Johnny; attending funerals; issuing braindead press-releases claiming credit for anything that happens within 50 miles; indulging in the obligatory playground taunts against The Other Party just because; being hounded by sweaty builders trying to give me mysterious envelopes; and not being allowed to actually implement anything anyway because some marketing company did some focus-group research that clearly shows demographic group Z are agin’ it.

I’m not sure anymore that democracy works. Certainly the system in Ireland is completely dysfunctional and particularly pointless.

The should change their name to Fine Bail. They also wanted to bail out the eircom “investors”.

We seriously need to ramp up spending on stem cell research, maybe then we’ll be able to grow a spine for a few TD’s.

Get a clue you stupid thicks!!!

How hard is it for you to see that houses are over priced? and that while falling prices will hurt some people, prices must fall. Anything you do to prop up the market will involve the loss of any money you pump in (taxpayers money) followed by prices falling in any case.

The more you hum and haw about propping up the market, the longer you draw out the decline, and the more damage you cause.


Ok folks - it’s time to start doing something to stop the bailout that seems to be coming down the tracks. A good first step would be an email to your local TD. will get most of them. For the remainder, or if you’d like to send a fax or snail mail (which will get much more attention), look here: … ID=138&m=m

What points should you make?

You are a voter.
You’re outraged by [insert particular hairbrained scheme here]
You don’t see why taxpayers should be bailing out the builders.
Schemes such as ] raise prices for first time buyers.
You will be taking his / her action on this issue into account when you next come to vote.

I’m sure some more knowledgeable pinster will produce a more eloquent form letter :slight_smile:

i think only when there is a large scale tax revolt will they actually sit up. i wouldn’t be surprised if in five years there will be competition between the parties about who can cut spending the most, just like the previous two elections in Japan.

I particularly love :-

So in other words lets foist the shit that no-one in their right mind would buy on low income FTB’rs (presumably at current market prices), thus bailing out the builders and helping keep the current housing stock (that people DO want), artificially inflated in price.

Nothing wrong there at all…
Bertie taught them well, Irish politics remains a one trick pony.

That’s it in a nutshell. Let’s make FTBs continue to pay exorbitant prices for poor-quality properties, and do so through the use of their very own (and everyone else’s) tax money. What a cunning plan Baldrick.

I think we are more effective doing what we’re doing now which is discussing these things seriously on an irish public forum. People from the Oireachteas and the civil service can read these opinions and theyre welcome to borrow any of the ideas that originate here.

To suggest that you shouldnt constructively criticise the way the country is run unless youre prepared to stand for the Dail yourself, is simplistic.
Getting elected isnt about having sensible policies, its mainly about marketing.

It seems to me that Fine Gael have bought in a myth that is being perpetuated, the myth being that there are a number of FTBs clamouring to get on “the property ladder”. This might have been true two or more years ago but right now FTBs (for the most part) see prices coming down and realise that if they wait the prices will meet them.

I’m fully convinced that the 100% mortgages removed much of the last people who wanted to get on this ladder at any cost. Now while there are probably some people who want to buy property at this stage I don’t think it is a large number and the simple fact is that rental is an option, we are not talking about people with nowhere to live.

So in reality, who is this action going to help? I think that we know the answer to that one.

If the guy hadn’t been introduced on the radio this morning, I could have sworn I was listening to old country Tom both in voice and in message.

FG have had 11 years to get some decent plans together.
I can’t remember one except the Celtic Snail :blush: