Fine Gael stamp duty plans

Lead news on RTE tonight was news of Fine Gaels stamp duty plans.

First thing that stood out for me was the cost - €450m! I’m not being political here because all the parties are coming out with similar guff, but surely as a country we have better priorities than handing out 450m to relatively wealthy property owners (assuming prices simply rise to take in the increased purchasing power).

I presume it is 450m assuming current transaction rates.

Who’s is going to buy a 2nd hand house this year when they can save 20K by waiting for next years budget?

Nothing is going to sell…

In complete agreement - here is more bribery … e_id=15370

why stop with the Political parties - the media can outbid anybody … e_id=15370

obviously the political establishment have found a way to turn fresh air into euros - I mean how is the next round of benchmarking to be paid for?
Nobody in Dail Eireann is obviously reading this … e_id=15370

Well well, This election campaign could put 1977 in the shade for the sheer effrontery and audacity of the bribery going on -Vote for me and I’ll buy you a house, educate your kids , drive them to school , pay for their college fees, pay your pension reduce your tax to nothing and still give you a rebate at the end of the year -sure we’re rich rich rich.

that Golden Goose better be in serious weight training and I hope its wings are clipped - otherwise there are going to be tears whoever gets possession of the big microphone in Dail Eireann.

They say you get the Government you deserve - What the F did I do in a past life to end up here now?

As a life long (relatively short one though!) FG supporter it is stomach churning to read this attempt to grab votes. Even the Duce of Drumcondra is looking appealing to me now… :cry:

Thanks for that Ed!

I was in the garage this morning getting my coffee and my sugar dohnut from that lovely Polish girl I try my best to give a bit of chat to, and what did I see on the way in, only the Indo and the Times leading on the front page with FG’s stamp duty plans. A woman was in mid read as I walked in.

It will be very interesting to see how things pan out over the coming days with this increased uncertainty now plainly out there for all to see.

Another solid display of FG’s lack of basic understanding of economics … anyone remember promising to reimburse Eircom investors?

I’m not a member or supporter of any political party, but these guys are just demonstrating that their ecomimically dangerous with talk like that.

Blue Horseshoe

Almost ashamed to say it, but in every previous election since I was 18 (a long time ago :frowning: ) I’ve been a FG voter.

This wankology about Stamp Duty is just shocking to me, just who the fúck do these bloody retards think is going to make up the tax shortfall after the handouts to the comparatively rich home owners in Rathgar and Foxrock, who will be spending their saved stamp money on bloody decking or other such shiite thats flavour of the season?

Anyhow, its all for naught, be the stamp duty bands widened, limits raised , simple fact is that an entry level property is outside the reach of most ftb’s (now only accounting for 33% of the market compared to 66% iirc in the past).The pyramid is collapsing from the bottom up already, this stamp duty shiite is just going to fuck the economy up even more as people loose their jobs and canot sell their houses which will be like a noose around their neck.

Time to invest in beans and noodles methinks, seriously, anyone have any suggestions on investments to make for when Ireland Inc goes bankrupt?

Vice stocks always do well both in & out of recession
Tobacco, defence, gambling, booze and sex.
I think there will be lots of money to make in this carbon offsetting footprinting rhetoric.

Carbon offsetting will be the new “must have”. A fashion accessory for the better off countries.
It will also lead to some protectionism and a move away from globalisation.
Well - that’s what I think today :slight_smile: