Fine Gael won't back NAMA

I’m not a big fan of Enda Kenny, but he is talking sense on this matter.

…Kenny on Newstalk now condeming NAMA…

Like what hes saying…any chance of getting fine gael at the protest??? wouldnt be bad to have enda their with an alternative

So, basically, he has waited for the people & media to start questioning NAMA before he sticks his neck on the line.

Quelle surprise!

What’s with all the ‘Summer schools’?

I think his alternative is actually very good. i hereby endorse it :slight_smile:

He’s obviously being doing his homework over the summer, as he senses blood on the NAMA issue.

Enda finally disequivocates !

I sent an e-mail to my local FG TD earlier in the week telling him he wouldn’t be getting my vote in the next General Election unless the party actively opposes NAMA as proposed by FF because it was a licence for FF to rape the general public.

FG might be winning my vote back again now.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that this proposal was put forward by his advisers.

But please feel free to correct if you think a secondary school teacher(forget his subjects of expertise - geography or history was it) came up with this plan.

that does not mean I diagree with the plans, but I think we need to place credit where it belongs. I’ve already had to endure one Taoiseach claiming the credit for Ireland’s economy during the boom and no thanks/credit given to the international markets.

At least he’s listening to what we want instead of what the bwankers want. If he’s late to the party then I say better late than never.

To be fair to FG they published thier alternative in May '09. I think they are getting the bit between the teeth just now though.

Brutons been saying this since the start of the year about the bond holders taking the hit.

The only new piece of information today is that FG will vote against the NAMA bill.

This is just where it’s at - it’s the bondholders or the taxpayer. I vote to have the bondholders take the hit. They got paid a big fat coupon every year for years and now they should take the donwside.

I agree, however, note that even with hitting the bondholders/shareholders a Nama type structure will still have to deal with the rest of the bad debts.


Enda Kenny on News at One on Radio1 at the moment sounding hopeless.

On a point of note If the face book campaign partners with any political party the main protest thread will be null and void and if anyone has any party political allegences they’d better clarify them so no one is disillusioned, misinformed or potentially manipulated.

As far as I am concerned and this is a personal view, the opposition are entirely as much to blame for this mess. They are the only people who are truly freely able to speak and say anything without fear of libel.

Yet they have not done so and thus have failed to protect the people with he special powers. Why else do they need such powers of exercise?

However it is policy that that pin is not a platform for any political party goods, bad or indifferent.

Enda can’t even give the most basic ballpark figure of what their proposal will cost.

Drivel from him on News at 1.