Finfacts: Dublin & Beverly Hills ranked most expensive


International house price comparison index for 2007 ranks Dublin, Ireland and Beverly Hills, California for world’s most expensive comparable management level family homes … 4455.shtml


They used $1.36 as the exhange rate.
Today it’s $1.47.

So that Dublin house is now $2.3 million USD. We win!! Take that Beverly Hills!


Dublin should be more expensive as there are much less droughts than in California.


Resurrecting an ancient thread, but I wonder how post-crash Dublin is doing against Beverly Hills? Dunno about the latter, but I came across this list of top 25 most expensive metro areas in the US in 2019.

I don’t know if I am reading it right, but it looks to me like the accommodation costs for a family of four rarely exceeds the median monthly rental on a one-bed apartment in Dublin. How can this be? What’s more, I’ve been in almost all the places listed (apart from Alaska and Hawaii) and by and large they’re fairly ok if not downright nice.

What the hell is it about the extraordinary cost of property here?!