FinFacts: mortgage lending in Q2 2013 at 40-year low

Review from August 16th by FinFacts on the state of mortgage lending.



Based on these figures, the average amount lent would be €160,421.18, which works out at almost exactly 4.5 times the average industrial wage, or a little under 3 times the median household income.

Blue Horseshoe

Of course the public servants in the ESRI are telling us there will be growth in house prices in Dublin of between 5-7% incredibly making 9 -1 news headlines, of course no mention of the in congruence with mortgage lending - that’s airbrushed out - analysis is for pessimists! It’s tabloid muck and always the spin, have we learned have we fuck, roll on the good times!!!

You guys really need to lose the cynicism and get with it. At 3.5%/month prices will have doubled in 18 months and you guys will still be living on a bench in Busaras.

I think you are missing this :mrgreen: or is it this XX

In a way I resent the idea of buying a house at this stage it almost anathema to me, I’m really damaged on this issue! Crapping al fresco is a serious problem though so that means renting hence buying slithers uncomfortably into that calculation

Dutch Gold price is recovering.

Its those pesky Dutch Goldbugs. They never learn.

The Indo have a piece on this now … 32186.html
THE amount loaned to home buyers fell for the 14th consecutive quarter between April and the end of June, the Central Bank said yesterday.
The rate of change in loans for house purchases was -2.2pc in the second quarter following a quarterly decline of 0.7pc in the first quarter.
The decline came despite a surge in house prices in south Dublin and sharp increases across much of the country.
With an estimated two-thirds of all house transactions now cash, the latest figures lend credence to the idea that most of the increases reported by estate agents, but not the Central Statistics Office, are due to cash buyers.

I was’nt aware of a ‘sharp increase across much of the country’!!!

Sure who needs the CSO when you can get your stats from EAs.

Sure who needs the CSO when you can get your stats from EAs.
Yup, the EAs can probably supply them, along with the BER score and the accurate floor area figures they always provide - Sorted So!