Finglas - Allegedly Georgians / Albanians smoking Heroine and crack Mellows Park

Importing Junkies and building gaffs. The 80’s will be seen as a picnic in the park.

Finglas gets it.

Leon Bradley from Finglas Says No highlighting the problem of so-called asylum seekers from Georgia and Albania smoking heroin and crack in Mellowes Park in proximity to a children’s playground. They had to be moved on by some of the local lads because the guards and the politicians don’t want to know about it.

Máirtín Ó Baoighealláin from @nationalpartyie addressing the Finglas Says No rally today on the politicians who have sold out Ireland:

“When you take the international bankers’ money, you do the international bankers’ work.”

“All this new infrastructure, all these new apartments, they’re not being built for the children, for future generations. They’re being built for cheap labour to come in from all over the world. We don’t matter. This is just a place to do business for them. The immigrants are just stock to them just to generate revenue. Well, we’re not a business. We’re not stock. We are the Irish. This is our home. We are a family.”