Finglas Local Men and Women Protest - Asylum Refugees Migrant Plantation

Finglas locals out and about in numbers again tonight demanding the plantation invasion be turned around by “getting them out”, Finglas people were previulsy very quick to move on the Bargaintown plantation hub in 2022 that was shut down not long after.

Looks like a good turnout.

It certainly sounds like it.

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Let’s hope the local people haven’t been “infiltrated” and riled up but #CityWest has certainly given people a lot to think about, but perhaps it was the truck find in the local industrial estate, which is probably surrounded by residential areas that brought things to a head.

I was once told many years ago that was how many Chinese arrived to Ireland, and even they thought it mad.

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Is this double or triple irony, it might be triple irony?

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Some more video form Finglas yesterday:


Deplorables out again.