Finglas - Rape Friday morning Local Women, Mothers and children occupy Garda Station demanding answers

Given the amount of publicity - are we sure the attack was by new arrivals?

NO idea but “has the look and feel” of not good, as in two other incidents and larger tent enclaves, really? Defo don’t like the “look and feel” of this tweet… any further local knowledge out there? :thinking:

Spotted in comment of rte tweet, this is tallying with previous tweet and possibly “more local knowledge”.

Is the IT Vs Gript hegalian-esque setup, a distraction from a larger encampment and such events?

What is going on?

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So much Hate speech so much…

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Interesting read, again showing how the government and senior gardai are thinking. Remember that superintendent rank and higher are appointed by government.

"A number of high-level sources have confirmed to the Irish Examiner that gardaí are following a “definite line of inquiry” in relation to the alleged sexual offence, and that they are looking to speak to a white Irish male from outside Dublin in relation to it.

The involvement of migrants or refugees has been ruled out."

Then the following is added:
“A well-known convicted criminal from the area is also involved in the protests”
“Detectives are investigating if the actions of certain protestors in Finglas have “stepped over the line” into criminality, including breaches of the Public Order Act.”

Plenty more in the article

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Surely a clear statement from the garda press office is what is needed or release a description

Remember it took an English newspaper to tell us about the little matter of beheadings in Sligo town.


I can’t believe they’re still at this:

Carey is one of Ireland’s best-known anti-vaxxers

They are learning fcuk all.

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I never heard of this guy until now but I recognise from some videos from Finglas and maybe that was him roaring and raging in the video but anti-vaxxer, sad, but you might say they are panicked.

They can’t arrest everyone. Only lockdown for that kind of play.

Surely this will see more people out on the street in support this evening. Maybe that’s what they want, maybe they want to pop a few hot heads in the locale.


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If he is the same guy I’m sure he was calling for "no violence’ only numbers to turn up, as they knew the police wanted violence. Something like that. He may play it both ways.

That’s my recollection also - it was a clip you posted.

No description…

No new information, just says he’s in court this morning.

"Judge Finan imposed a curfew on him from 9pm to 6am after he told the court he was a full-time worker who did not get home until 9pm in the evening.

She also directed that he was not to attend, organise or participate in any protests or gatherings in person or online.

When the garda asked that Mr Carey also agree not to participate or publish any videos on any social media platform, the judge barred him from social media.

“It’s a complex issue,” she said, “people have various different accounts. I think its better for him if he’s barred from social media.”

His defence counsel said it was not a condition that Mr Carey was expecting, but he agreed to it."