Fingleton among group to be pursued for €13.5m … 52039.html

joint and several loans I hope.

Development land in Cavan/Monaghan. :unamused:

They really did believe in their own propaganda.
Senator Francie O’Brien

Member of Monaghan County Council 1979 to 2003
Senator 1989 - Present :open_mouth: … 0&CatID=20

He gives Donie a run for his money.

Does all those Co. Monaghan’s mean he has all the gold??? :wink:

No it means that he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. 8)

If Fingers is involved in enough deals like this then you can see why he was so reluctant to hand back the €1m. … 22860.html

"A judge today made summary judgment orders for €13.6 million against former Irish Nationwide Building Society chairman Michael Fingleton over unpaid developments loans.

Summary judgment for some €12 million was also entered against a Fianna Fáil Senator and two developers over the same loans." … ing57.html

Not looking good for fingers and Francie, usually once one institution enters a judgement against a borrower all their other lenders pile in to enter judgements before the bones are picked dry.


From the IT article.

Justice Kelly, what a wag. :laughing:

Dont worry there’s a long road ahead and Peter will find many opportunities to address the issue of the bank’s ‘stupidity’ . Pick a bank…pick any bank :mrgreen:

More like

I wonder how much Mrs. Fingers is worth?

More than Mr Fingers and hopefully she’s not the forgiving. … n50161869/

2002! … 88652.html … 88631.html … 88639.html … 09933.html

Assume someone close to him became wealthy in the past few years. … 09932.html