Fingleton has failed to repay €1million bonus: Times

Front page story in tomorrow’s Times is that Fingers has failed to repay the €1million performance bonus that was paid to him by Irish Nationwide - 5 months after promising to pay it back.

<Feigns surprise for 2.556 milliseconds>


Fingers is a sociopath , why are we surprised ?? … 90040.html

Fucking scum !

Cant wait for the next column by John Waters using words that nobody has ever heard of, in sentences nobody understands, that after reading leave us with the vague impression that Mickey is a grand fella and we should leave him alone. Sure didn’t he give Colm Tobin a mortgage? :unamused:

Q explanation of how there is no legal basis on which to force him to repay this 1m.

I say let him keep it and ensure he spends an extended period in the Joy deciding on how he can spend it.

Minister Lenihan is disappointed 1m isn’t repaid.

How about 90bn. :unamused:

He doesn’t care what the people think, he is retired and out of the limelight, he knows that he just need to keep his head down for a few more months and this will all blow over.

If you are the govt minister what can you do

  1. Pull out the last five years accounts, have them reaudited independently and then recognise that a profit was last made in about 2004 and since then it was all make believe as was the benefits that flowed to the management from the make believe

  2. Send in the revenue commisioners to review everything in sight on pay and expenses - disallow what should be disallowed and there will be millions to be collected.

  3. Go for tax investigations for everyone in management

Very disappointed :cry:

Fingleton authorised quick loan for Celia Larkin -> … 21194.html

Me thinks that was just the warning shot from fingers…

That should rattle a few cages throughout the banking community as well.
Esp point 1