Fingleton's son hawks Irelands AAA rating around London

The bad behaviour was not long in starting. President McAlesse’s signature is barely dry on the Act. … 05890.html

It gets better.

Maybe this matter should be referred to: … /fingleton

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It’s much worse than that KN. … -milks-it/

How many of the Fingletons are 8- INBS and by extension the taxpayer.

if his auld lad doesn’t sack him - today - INBS deserves to have its guarantee withdrawn

It is gratifying to witness the humilty and good grace with which the Irish banking fraternity accepted their taxpayer sponsored lifeline.

I feel a warm inner glow that I am funding this fine young man’s financial prosperity.

Gougers & Chancers the whole fucking lot.

SCUMBAGS Economy is on the RISE this week.

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Fantastic! Now we can add nepotism to our list of our outstanding qualities.

This will make Ireland look like a complete potato republic.

I was relating this anecdote (Fingleton A heads INBS, Fingleton B hawks INBS in anti-competitive manner in UK, Fingleton C is head of the OFT) here in my office.

A colleague visiting from the UK said “well, that is what you get in a banana republic”.

No, tact is not his thing.
Yes, he has survived the thrashing.

The front page of todays FT quotes from fingleton’s letter.Predatory Pricing was alluded to in a quote from moron finance minister lenihan.

Basically the tone of the article is that Ireland is a banana republic .

In an opinion piece Martin Wolf states…

‘’ But it is a beggar thyself policy,since it gives management and shareholders the right to gamble with the Public Sector’s balance sheet’'.

fingleton is a traitor to his country.In former times this guy would now be hanging from a rope. … 50173.html … qqqx=1.asp

Marian Finucane had Sean Fitz from Anglo on this morning and asked him what he thought of Fingleton junior’s actions. Sean said “I feel sorry for him”. Says it all really.

I’m not convinced the regulator can do anything, apart from flap their hands around.

The dude hasn’t broken any laws, as far as I can see.

But Fingleton investigates Fingleton would make a classic headline.
( … /fingleton )

Actually, the whole thing strikes me as scapegoatery.

A 27 year old bank official is to carry the can for the sins of the banking sector, and its regulators. Let’s get real here.

It is in the nature of Irish society to look for convenient scapegoats rather than ask the deeper questions.

Cheapest advertising they ever had.

Just wondering…did Michael Fingleton Jnr get his current post in INBS through competitive interview with an impartial interview board? Any thoughts??