Fingleton's son hawks Irelands AAA rating around London

The front page of todays FT quotes from fingleton’s letter.Predatory Pricing was alluded to in a quote from moron finance minister lenihan.

Basically the tone of the article is that Ireland is a banana republic .

In an opinion piece Martin Wolf states…

‘’ But it is a beggar thyself policy,since it gives management and shareholders the right to gamble with the Public Sector’s balance sheet’'.

fingleton is a traitor to his country.In former times this guy would now be hanging from a rope. … 50173.html … qqqx=1.asp

Marian Finucane had Sean Fitz from Anglo on this morning and asked him what he thought of Fingleton junior’s actions. Sean said “I feel sorry for him”. Says it all really.

I’m not convinced the regulator can do anything, apart from flap their hands around.

The dude hasn’t broken any laws, as far as I can see.

But Fingleton investigates Fingleton would make a classic headline.
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Actually, the whole thing strikes me as scapegoatery.

A 27 year old bank official is to carry the can for the sins of the banking sector, and its regulators. Let’s get real here.

It is in the nature of Irish society to look for convenient scapegoats rather than ask the deeper questions.

Cheapest advertising they ever had.

Just wondering…did Michael Fingleton Jnr get his current post in INBS through competitive interview with an impartial interview board? Any thoughts??

What does a southsider say first day on the job

thanks Daddy

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I’m sure it was just a happy co-incidence that young Michael happened to land a job in the same company where his Daddy is the boss.

It’s Daddy’s society

he owns it doesn’t he? the man is entitled to employ who he wants given he owns all the equity
I hope someone somewhere is digging a deep ditch ** … ance-bill/

from your blog
World GDP is 50 trillion, the derivative market is 500 trillion, those are frightening (but also true) numbers. **

if that’s true it would seem to entail a load of pain…incredible

Seems two can play that game! … tentie.htm

In Dutch but basically it’s about Minister Bos giving the recently nationalised ABN-Amro a slap on the wrist ( no fine! ) for coming out with an advertisement on Tuesday morning suggesting that savings in their bank are the safest now that they are owned by the Dutch Government.

Don’t you just love the entrepreneurship these banks show!!

To be honest, I don’t have a problem with this. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If he had said something in his email that wasn’t true, maybe that would be different, but what he has said is all true.

Now whether the government should be getting a decent slice of the action for providing this guarantee is another question…

6% for 6/9/12 months fixed with 100% gov guarantee – thinking of taking a bit of that ?

If they go under do you still get your monthly interest from the government or is the money frozen at time of bust?

Frozen at time of bust according to AAM.