Finneran wades in

It’s all right everyone!!

Michael Finneran says we’re approaching the bottom of the housing correction. The gubberment won’t be left holding bad mortgages on property because it’s up from here!!

Leaves you wondering, will the gubby persue defaulters for all outstanding debt or will they be content to take the properties and the loss?

I despair, I really do.

It seems like the plan is to repeat the mantra…

And there’s more to come…

Mr Finneran has registered ownership of 4 properties in 2007 register of interests.

Good man Michael, you only get to call the bottom once, and now you’ve marked your card - fair play.

Obviously any subsequent calling of the bottom will make you look like a right tool, so let’s hope for your sake you’ve got it right eh?

It’s great to see such well qualified people giving their opinions on economic conditions. I wonder what other topics he’s willing to give an opinion on, perhaps engineering or astrophysics.

The mental state of participants in the Government Sub-Prime Scheme no doubt.

Two full years of recession ahead followed by a slow recovery with unemployment rising and public finances in a dire state will do wonders for the market.

Batt O’Keeffe told potential FTBs to buy a year ago. It’s a pity that bluffers like him and Finneran are not sued.

It’s amazing that there’s a big ream of paperwork required in respect of protecting modest investments by consumers, but when it comes to the biggest purachase of all, any chancer that can be styled an “expert,” can hold forth with impunity.

so now the Government is engagging in MASSIVE equity extraction on property, thus depriving any FTB’s out there of the possibility of attaining any reasonable amount of equity.

And next year, we’ll see if he has a registered ownership of more than 4 properties.

If he doesn’t, we’ll all know for sure that he is, to be charitable, not putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to recognising good value and the bottom of the market.

So if we’re near a bottom this scheme surely isn’t necessary?

What exactly do FF mean when they say they’re not interfering in the correction in the housing market? When it is clear they are both in word (as above) and in deed (as a subprime lender). Makes me wonder what them interfering would look like. They’re one step from rounding up religious minorities, transporting them from the cities and stripping them of their wealth. FF’s final solution.

Don’t forget: Arbeit (in die Multinationalonen, participationen in die “knowlege ekonomy”, lange hours und viele traffic) macht frei.

Heil Irland.

Matt Cooper ran rings around Finneran on yesterday’s Last Word. It was a joy to listen to.

Would like to hear that - do you remember what time roughly it was on?


brilliant rhetorical question


if we were near the bottom it would not be neccesary, the builders would not need government subvention via subprime loans to sell the gaffs.

He’s absolutely correct… another way of phrasing this is “we are not at the bottom yet”

We’re approaching the bottom of the housing correction in the same way that light leaving the Andromeda Galaxy is approaching Earth.

Assuming of course that Andromeda still exists, all we can see is the light that left Andromeda (I agree, some of it is approaching Earth) a loooooooooong time ago 8)