Finns Ring Up Debt, Party-Goers Send Texts for Cash

The Finns are clearly insane… I thought you were talking Neil and Tim for a second… :wink:

I honestly think that some nationalities are prone to addictive behaviour. The Finns are one, and we Irish are not far behind.

This is basically Pay Day Loans as they’re known in the US, but with the mobile phone angle it’s MUCH easier, so more people will get caught.

Crazy stuff.

Fools, Money, say goodbye to each other.


useful trivia:

In Finland, the state booze monopoly is called…Alko!

Seems like a great business opportunity to me!

Now where did I put that application form to become a money lender?

Text APPLICATION to 51444 to have one sent out.

You’d have thought the Finns would have learned their lesson from their Great Crash, 1986 was it?

Seems like every other generation is doomed to repeat exactly the same fecking mistakes. I’m starting to give up on humans and beginning to think like them American anti-Federal Survivalists hiding in the hills with a shedful of guns and tins of beans…

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