Finnstown House Lucan - Yet another "refugee" plantation centre?

Electric gates installed. Hotel website and social media are gone.

Weddings and people’s accommodation were cancelled with a few weeks notice. Facebook comments claim the hotel has been gutted, with contents to be auctioned, and that staff were not kept on as claimed.

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As hotel beds disappear across the country air bnb demand will increase.

At the current rate of building there is no clearance of housing demand backlog. The refugees/illegals/whatever are also not going to spend their lives in hotels. They will soak up social housing.

Dead link

Extensive archive is still available here going back as far as 2014:*/

Contents to be auctioned in spring

Sale of the Century,
Actually anything that was worth a wank was sold for 8 balls.

The January sales at Switzers in the 80s comes to mind.
Not really :avocado: