Fire at Kilmainham building site

Fire-fighters in Dublin are battling a major fire at a building site in Kilmainham this afternoon.

Gardai say the blaze broke out just before 1pm.

Some roads have been partially closed and motorists are being advised to avoid the area if possible.

The fire is understood to have started accidentally.


I would be interested to see some data on fire damages at residiential building sites and unoccupied multiple housnig units over recent years.

must say the conspiracy theorist in me was thinking something very similar…

This may be accidental, but this kind of data is worth watching. We might see the post-Tiger equivalent of those mysterious fires that used to spontaneously break out in listed and architecturally important vacant buildings in prime locations in Dublin.

Can development land be destroyed by fire ? :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re not making anymore of it you know!!!

I thought there was mention of this in another thread already? That the number of fires in recent months is statistically significant? And was being examined by insurance actuaries?

Unfortunetly for Mr. Twain they are making more of it …

Blue Horseshoe

Here’s an article from National Public Radio in the US. It looks like the insurance industry there is preparing to deal with situations where people who are facing foreclosure torch their properties for the insurance money.

Have a mate buying in this area, any idea of the name of the site

Apparentlly while every fire appliance in Kildare was battling the fire at Kildare chilling a few apartments in Newbridge caught fire!


Not another one?

When was this? Today?

Hibernian General Insurance loosing their nuts as a result of fire loss claims. RSA in a bit of a fix for the same reasons. Commercial insurance rates rising and plans to significantly increase the rates if the current wave of modest rate hikes do not deliver the desired results. Reinsurers prepared to place certain commercial insurers on their watch lists if this pattern continues. Similar to the banks cutting mortgage broker commissions, this idea is on the cards at the 2 of the leading commercial insurance companies but they are worried about the commercial impacts to their books of business. Costs have to be reduced.

I sincerely hope people’s lives aren’t lost over this.

Firesale maybe??
That should get folk reaching for that bottom rung again.

Fire in Ballymun last night destoyed 11 houses under construction.

Value of the damage was said to be around €1m.

These s******** should be sent down for a long time.

How many fires have there been? Do we need a consolidated thread? I never thought that was something I’d say…

First off I have no way of confirming this, but I heard this morning that last nights fire was the second attempt in 24 hours to raze these buildings.

Blue Horseshoe

With all of these “accidents” is it likely that buildings insurance premiums will increase?

Is this another mechanism by which the public will pay for the folly of the developers? :cry: