Fire regulation query

Whilst in the process of selling my house the buyer’s engineer reported that the height of the Velux window in one of the bedroom’s is above the maximum threshold specified in the building control regulations (TGD part b - fire).
The guideline states max height 1100 mm. The window ope is 1170 mm from the floor.
The house was built in 2003.
Would the builder have issued a fire cert when building the house or the development?
Do I have any recourse to have this amended?
I have got conflicting advice that the responsibility to amend should be with (1) the builder, (2) the selling agent, (3) the engineer I used at the time (4) me!.

If the “house” that you describe is really a “house”, i.e. a dwellign house such as a detached or semi-detached or row house or end of row house then for such buidlings generally a “Fire Safety Certificate” as it’s know is not required - see below for the relevant ACT but also you may wish to take a look at the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2009. Fire Safety Certificates are generally required for Non-Dwellinghouses such as buildings of a commercial nature but note that Fire Safet Certificates are required for apartments and/or maisonettes.

The responsibilities are defined in a piece of legislation known as the Building Control Acts of 1990 and 2007. You can check these up on-line using google and/or

Most builders couldn’t issue you with a box of matches let alone a Fire Safety Certificate. Fire Safety Certificates are issued by the Building Control Authorities of the various county and city council local authorities. These again will generally only apply to commercial developments and/or apartments/maisonettes etc.

Your architect or engineer or other “suitably qualified and competetent person” should provide you as a purchaser with what could be called a “Certificate of Compliance on Completion” (see the proposed good for nothing imperial hierarchy of our vastly knowledgeable (NOT) civil cervants at in the Draft Building Control Regulations 2012) before you purchase the building.

You are probably innocent enough but you may have believed that either your builder and or engineer/architect was looking after you. Generally as with all things nowadays in the land full of blagards you’ve got to take care of yourself. This is SomIrelia after all.

I’d be discussing with the engineer who you hired who told you that everything was in order.

You can look at the detail of the technical guidance in Building Regulations 2006 Technical Guidance Document B Fire Safety online at the DOE website.

It might be handy enough to lower the window 4 or 5 inches or it may not be. Minimum cost here is probably going to be about 1000 Euro to 2000 Euro or thereabouts.

Anyhow, what would I know, cause I’m just a lumberjack and I’m OK, I work all night and I sleep by day…,
Best to ignore everything that I said. I take no responsbility for one bit of it! :angry:

Thanks for that . I am discussing with the engineer and all interested parties. I will let you know how this plays out.

I have seen steps built below veluxes in the past which may be to deal with this issue.

Can this be regarded as a structural fault & if so would be covered under homebond insurance?