Fire Safety; Apartment Purchase

Hi All,

I am trying to close the transaction on an apartment. The solicitor came back with such issue:
“client could not give the confirmation in relation to the fire worthiness of the development at this time”
What would you advise? Proceed or withdraw?
Thanks for advice

Really depends on how you feel about beng burned alive.

Run, or burn

Sounds like the place is worthy of a fire alright.

Depends on how much you like/want the place. Might not actually be a problem if the apartment is reasonably old. If newer all the paperwork should be in place. You could get your own fire engineer to have a look.

Need more info OP
Have you had a surveyor out? Might be a lack of paperwork rather than an issue per se

The local authority should be able to tell you in writing if the building is/was compliant. Hound them. If they can’t tell you so that you’re satisfied, run. Even if you like the place.