Firenze, Templecarrig, Delgany (-1000k, -54%)

Was 1,850,000 In March 07 … 14691.html

then 1,595,000


Now 1,275,000

Firenze! Oh, the rolling manicured hilltops of Tuscany, the narrow cobbled streets, the excellent food & coffee, the stylish people, the weather, the wine!

Oh wait, it’s Greystones.

I thought it might be usefull to come up with a comparison. How about CASALE DEGLI ARANCI Asking price €1,150,000 … ranci.html
In Umbria, but near enought to Tuscany.

I am sure that a deal could be done with Michael O’Leary for a lifetime of free flights to Ryanair airport near Umbria for the savings of €125,000 made on foregoing the Greystones purchase.

Im always a little suspect of places that list as a feaure ‘connected for electricity’ … my next question is always ‘and the sewege ?’

I’m not sure I would want to make that kind of deal :slight_smile: … y30515.asp

sale agreed at Region €1,275,000:

no longer sale agreed, just for sale at 1,275,000:

or… as the property bee puts it:

Back on the market at €1,050,000 … RWPU365473

850k … ow/443847/

now that’s a haircut.

problem is, it still looks expensive.