Firesale in Bishopstown Cork???

Just looked at daft and there are a large number of houses in the Bridgefield development out by the greyhound track for sale

3 bed bath duplex €235k no photos

4 bed 2 bath town house € 260k again no pictures

3 bed 2 bath townhouse €245k this time with pictures
I used to work close to here and I remember the 4 bed was €480k
From what I know it isnt a ghost estate more a zombie enclave, enough life there to keep the vandals away

The silly part was that these houses ever got that high in the first place.

I lived nearer the Model Farm Road and remember new build houses on sale for 45k in the late 80s

My first house was at the back of the SMA Wlton bought in 86 for €34k similar house in same estate now looking for € 240k
I looked at these out of curiosity a couple of years ago and it was quite a nice finish but the EA made you feel you had insulted him with an offer of €320k for the 4 bed ( I had no intention of buying just testing the waters) the asking was €460k if I remember correctly.

might be an interesting rental market with that industrial park place across the road, mainly a young collegy type workforce