Firmount House.

Here’s an interesting one. Particularly if you’re concerned by…


Firmount House, Clane, Co.Kildare.

Interesting history to this place. A bit of institutional State property being disposed of by the Dept of Defense? Apparantly the tendering closed on 15th of January 2010, but it’s up for auction now guiding 800k. Central to the, eh, ‘plan’ in the event of a nuclear war as a communications hub, but also rumoured to be a hide out for the top-brass. Near the Curragh and Punchestown, so why not…

Listed in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage as ‘ruined’, which is obviously a subjective assessment, but it could also indicate that the interior has not survived the Dept of Defense decorators. An Irish Time’s article suggests the decorators may have used lots of concrete.

Anyone got any more info?

I wonder if the welcome guest has a valuation :slight_smile:

Using a standard rental multiplier, I would value this property at €33,600.

Ehhh, more like 0? Who’s going to rent this in its current state?

I would rent it for 200 euro a month, and run a car boot sale every Sunday in the grounds charging 10 quid a car, and 2 quid for punters.

Looks like another assignment for:

Heheh entrepreneurial mind I see