First Annual Donie Cassidy Day April 10th 2009

April 10th 2009 will mark the first anniversary of Donie Cassidy’s prediction that House prices will rise between 25% and 30%. He promised to return to the Senate and remind everyone that “He told us so”.

All true Irish patriots will want to mark this great day, and celebrate the 38% to 44% house price increase that must happen between now and then.

Six months might seem a little early to start talking about this, but for a party of this size you can’t start too early. Major agricultural shows take almost the full year to organize.

So start planning, put that week aside in your calendar. The First Annual Donie Cassidy day will fall on a Friday, so you might want to start thinking about taking a long weekend.

And this isn’t just a Dublin thing. Even culchies can celebrate the first annual Donie Cassidy day. Sure isn’t he one of our own.

Suggested Events for the first Annual Donie Cassidy day:

April 1st isn’t the only day when we celebrate the nation’s biggest idiots. Now, nine days later you can join us in celebrating the biggest of them all, at the First Annual Donie Cassidy day.



Wonderful hair style Donie.

I intend to celebrate Donie Cassidy day every year until house prices actually are 25% higher than they were in april 2006. Inflation adjusted of course Donie. You’re a business man you know how it works.


I suggest we could have a March around the square in Castlepollard, right past Donie’s front door!

If we can trust Wikipedia, and I think we can in this instance ( :wink: ), you have all the essentials here for a wonderful Donie Cassidy day…

Castlepollard 2009!!!

Now you know where he got the hair-do from!

And it’s a Friday, so you know he won’t be in work!

I’m telling you, an Open Air Foster and Allen show in Castlepollard with Mary O’Rourke as M.C.
Finally I shall have my Woodstock.

Just in case, as a fall back, does anyone know of any Foster and Allen tribute band. The Australian Foster and Allen perhaps?

Incidently I’ll not hear a bad word said of Mary O’Rourke. Let the word go forth from this time and place that daltonr is a fan of Mary.


Classic stuff!

Perhaps we can bring some loaves and fishes and he can make them last 25-30% longer too? … 66-mbx.htm

Maybe that’s where Donie got the idea for the Irish Jig?

No, he’d only make them 25-30% more expensive… That’s the miracle with Donie…

Fester and Ailin!

How about a Stamp duty on wigs such as to allow a relaxation on residential property?

Stamp on wigs? I like the idea. Does Donie have to be resident underneath it?

I don’t think stamping would make much difference, it always reminds me of those really ripe roadkills you see on motorways.

Think 3 week old Fox !

My wife says I’ve GOT to met him
:smiley: … 51161.html

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… no knowledge at all, well that’s just a disaster.

Four bed homes now on market for just €200k

Belvedere Hills was developed by Donie, who bought the site off the nuns, got planning permission and then sold off serviced sites to various builders and developers.

Looks like Donie’s prediction in the senate is well on track so! :unamused: