First Annual Donie Cassidy Day April 10th 2009

I had a look at Kinsella rant (self titled link). … ment-16723

€19.1 bn is really not a big number compared to the other eye watering liabilities.

Balanced the books overnight, move then from a strong position to tackle the deficit (moving from a managerial philosophy to a eradication offensive), in the mean time you are not foolish enough to let go of islands natural resources.

Within this you construct obviously have to construct an whole new organisational approach and framework to deal with the human element but that is not as hard as it seems as long as the intention is true. There can be no notion of recreating the system that went before. In a new political landscape I see very much other wriggle room or approaches in the instruction sets sent down from on high.

One concept is to offer a national bank account based on the type of Irish passport you have. Whats that? Yes you create a new multi tiered Irish passport system. For example it might take 2/5/10 years with deposit limit in bank for you passport to mature to full Irish passport in the interim it woudl go through 2/3 phases giving you the chance to begin a return if you wish or simply enjoy the new Banking or other benefits from holding the passport from afar.

It could work from the principal that the Irish state must become a mobile state thinking in terms of mobility and outreach in that it would support the mobility of its citizens not hamper it or cause it as a survival reflex option. If you look at the pattern Irish around the world in Ireland so the only correct approach is to create a state which support Irish global mobility and if that is a secure Bank and residency of various stages then why not. You would build up a super deposit base. Right now the state only exists for those at the top and while they tried something similar vis a vis the IDA with FOI that again was only for the benefit of those at the top in other jurisdictions. I’m talking about subvert that and allowing the access to all.

Critique it all you like but unless we approach things in a novel fashion 20 years of creeping death is not for me and more of us either. All we have left are new ideas and that ain’t so bad.

Take that Donie!