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good god! there will very soon be blood on the streets!

As somebody who is trying to find a fourth person to rent in our house, I can verify that serious interest is very “soft” indeed. We’re thinking of packing up and trying to find a cheaper 3 bed. This racket of leaving the tenants find people for the rooms is ulcer-inducing while the landlord sits there and counts the money.

was in that position previously, not again, explained to landlord and he dropped rent giving me a few months to find other tenants. Been renting off the fella for years so good relationship built up. Worth trying it, good tenants are appreciated (sometimes)

I did the same when sharing; explained that tenants who were quality (like us :smiley: ) would be hard to find and that he should trust my judgement. He did. Lost about 1 months rent but then got a dinger of a tenant. Actually I did that lots of times over the years. Landlords were cute enough to know that the hassle of getting good tenants out, and replacements in, wasnt worth the hassle of the loss of 1/4 of one months rent

Thanks for the advice. We’ve already spotted that the room is more expensive than average on daft and the house is somewhat old (plus the en suite) takes up all the space in the room so it’s going to be murder to shift but we can’t cut the price without cutting our own throats.

We reckon the LL knows the score. He’s called me twice in the last week to enquire how we are getting on. If we don’t get a reply this week, We’ll have to ask him to reconsider the rent (2000 for 4 bed in Templeogue/Rathfarnham). We can get a 3 bed in Tallaght easily for 1300 but we’d like to avoid living there if possible.

There are a few 3-beds in Rathfarnham for the €1500 mark and under…

Could you all come up with an extra few quid a month each, for the benefit of having a shared storage room.

See how much he’d be willing to cut the rent to keep 3 of you there (less wear and tear).


We’re already finding the rent a strangler as it is so we’re not inclined to pay any more than we already are.
2000 between four is 500 each but you can’t expect the guy in a single to pay that so us blokes in the doubles have taken the hit. If the house is between 3, we’re almost certainly looking at minimum 600 each and I have friends paying that in Raneleigh!

Averaging at 500 each which is exactly the same as we’re already paying. Plus it’s at the wrong side of Rathfarnham for us. We’ve said that if we’re going to move, we want to get better value but we may be left with no choice if we can’t get somebody for the soon to be vacant room. Normally, we get replies from dodgy characters until a reasonable tenant comes along but the ad has been up a week now and we haven’t had a single reply, not one.

The 4th room has been a nightmare. Nobody stays in it longer than a few months and everytime somebody moves out, it gets harder (and more stressful) to get somebody in. Frick it. It makes me want to run out with my carefully saved deposit and blow it, just to avoid this hassle of finding tenants for somebody else. Our lease is till next Feb. Is a month’s notice sufficient if we end up having to walk away from the place or can he chase us for the rest of the cash?

Is there a break clause in your lease? Mine requires two months but I had to insist in it going in because otherwise the fixed term left me no options.

There’s no specific mention of a notice period.
The notice section says:

Crap. House sharing is crap!

I’ve a few thoughts on the trials & tribulations of house sharing as I’ve done it for over 6 years in various combinations.

If anyone wants to PM me I’ll do my best to advise however I can’t post now as I am off for a day so I’ll get back to this and share my thoughts openly if ye can wait that long.

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts when you get back.